Newmont Ghana Ahafo promotes peace, donates three pickups to 'Ahafo Army'

By Boakye-Sarfo Clement || Genesis Radio II Contributor
Regional News Newmont Ghana Ahafo promotes peace, donates three pickups to 'Ahafo Army'

Amidst the tranquil vistas of Ghana's Ahafo region, a seamless partnership between governmental bodies, security personnel, and corporate entities has cultivated an atmosphere of peace and security.

Standing prominently among these contributors is Newmont Ghana, steadfast in its dedication to the welfare of the region's populace. In a recent demonstration of this commitment, the company generously donated three vehicles to the Ahafo Army, reaffirming its pledge to bolster regional security.

Honored by Newmont Ghana's pivotal role in preserving peace since 2017, Ahafo Regional Minister, Hon. George Yaw Boakye, praised the government's joint efforts with Newmont in safeguarding the region. Beyond mere donations, Newmont's support extends to substantial infrastructure projects aimed at enhancing security, including the construction of a police command center at Duayaw Nkwanta and the expansion of Goaso police station cells.

Ing. Alex Kofi Annin, Manager of Newmont Ahafo South Mines, elaborated on the company's comprehensive support for security services, encompassing material provisions such as fuel and sustenance, along with addressing the accommodation needs of the Ahafo Army. Collaborating with the Regional Coordinating Council, Newmont aims to establish permanent residences for soldiers, facilitating their operational effectiveness.

Brigadier Commander Michael Opoku expressed heartfelt appreciation to Newmont Ghana for the vehicle donation, acknowledging its vital role in ensuring extensive security coverage across the Ahafo region. However, he also underscored a pressing challenge faced by security forces—the lack of adequate housing, hindering operational efficiency and urging collective action to promptly address this issue.

In a region where peace is fundamental for sustained progress, the synergy between Newmont Ghana, the government, and security forces exemplifies the potency of collective endeavor in fostering stability. As progress unfolds in the Ahafo region, the concerted efforts of all stakeholders illuminate the path toward a brighter, safer future.

With Newmont Ghana's steadfast support and the dedication of the Ahafo Army, the journey toward enduring peace in the region gleams with newfound optimism.

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