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Road tolls reintroduction a testament of a government that is wayward, lost touch — Minority Chief Whip

Minority Chief Whip in Parliament, Governs AgbozaMinority Chief Whip in Parliament, Governs Agboza

The Minority Chief Whip in Ghana's Parliament, Governs Agbodza has slammed the government over plans to reinstate the collection of road tolls.

The Adaklu lawmaker described the move as a sign of a government that has lost touch and doesn't know how to run the country.

In an interaction with journalists on Wednesday, June 12, Mr. Agbodza questioned why the government suspended the collection of tolls in the first place.

“Is it not the case that he [the current Roads Minister] was part of the cabinet when the decision was taken to suspend the collection of tolls and when Mr Speaker and all of us drew the attention that, that singular action was illegal, they told Mr Speaker to go to the toll booth to collect the toll himself if he likes," he said.

The Minority Chief Whip accused the government of suspending toll collection as a ploy to impose the controversial E-levy on Ghanaians in 2022.

“Cabinet decided to suspend the collection of tolls as propaganda to foist E-levy down the throats of Ghanaians. We are paying E-levy today. They want to take more money from you so they are coming back to condemn each other to say that they want to collect tolls. Then the entire government is condemned. They cannot pick and choose who is upright in the government," he stated.

Mr. Agbodza maintained that there was no need to suspend toll collection in the first place, and asserted that Ghanaians can see which political party they can trust based on consistent policies.

“And obviously the NPP’s record of being straight and fair to Ghanaians has been called into question so many times," the Minority Chief Whip averred.

The comments come after the Ministry of Roads announced plans to reinstate tolls as a means to raise funds for road repairs across the country.

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