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Disclose voter transfer figures – Election Watch to EC

By Simon Tetteh || Contributor
Disclose voter transfer figures – Election Watch to EC

Election Watch Ghana has urged the Electoral Commission (EC) to disclose figures from the voter transfer exercise.

In a letter addressed to the EC Chairperson, Mrs Jean Adukwei Mensa on 11 June, and cited by, it impressed on the commission to furnish stakeholders with the regional breakdown of voter transfers, for informed strategic planning and political decision-making.

It expressed disappointment saying “The lack of progress updates from the Electoral Commission, despite the commencement of voter transfers over a week ago, is unacceptable and raises concerns about the commission’s commitment to transparency and accountability.”

It added, “We are writing to urgently and emphatically request a comprehensive update on the number of voter transfers processed thus far, as mandated by Constitutional Instrument 127 (CI 127).”

The group per its letter pointed out that the request is based on its right as stakeholders in the upcoming general elections.

“it is our inherent right to access this information, essential for ensuring the transparency, integrity, and credibility of the electoral process,” it emphasised.

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