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SMOSA-UK holds Meeting and Greetings 2024

By Wilfred Clarke || Contributor
SMOSA-UK holds Meeting and Greetings 2024

Some of the SMOSA-UK representatives used Saturday 8th June 2024 to celebrate their union and ponder over the future projections of their alma mater. `

The UK chapter of the St Monica Old School Association (SMOSA) of Ashanti Mampong Ghana, met in South London to take a break from their various duties by way of relaxing and socializing in a recreational environment.

Reflectingly, the association's newly elected personality, President Naana Jackson, affirmed that “We needed this, to meet, greet and see everyone in person. Because, we have been doing most of our meetings via Zoom technology, since Covid. So, post Covid, now is the time to enjoy the summer’s weather in a BBQ mode while we take some time to think about our school as to what is next in line for the students."

In her speech, she said "Today has been set aside for our friends, children and families to come, dine and chill with us. Being elected as a president is not an easy task. One has to be devoted, committed and readily available to sacrifice their time and all, to the cardinal cause of the association."

As to how the present students will benefit from SMOSA-UK and her leadership, President Naana Jackson said: "The basic foundation of our association is for the total benefit of our school as our core mandate demands. Whatever we are doing here is definitely not staying here, but in the direction and support of the school. As you may know, the government cannot do it all for the schools, so that is where we come in as old school members.

"Even as we speak, SMOSA-UK has built a Sick Bay to support small ailments and other little injuries. During our time, we were not that lucky to enjoy this kind of clinical experience on site. Last year, I had the opportunity to visit the school and it was a privilege for me to have seen some of the students, truly using the facility to access some of their health issues. And one thing that I was happy about, was the sight of a professional nurse, dutifully nursing some of the students."

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