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Zimbabwe: The Algebra of Regime Change

The decision by the US to lift some of its illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe in March of this year prompted me to dust off this piece from my archives
Zimbabwe: The Algebra of Regime Change

US officials expected Zimbabweans to dance with joy when they in early March announced a modification of the illegal sanction that they imposed on the country.

It is impossible to understand what they put in the water of the policymakers in the Collective West that makes them appear to inhabit a different universe. Given the tectonic shifts in the world’s geopolitical equations, glaringly in the West’s disfavor, one would expect Western officials to take heed and try to recalibrate their policies to make them attuned with current realities.

Alas, this has not been the case. Blinded by racial arrogance and narcissistic hubris, the West continues to double down in its stupid belief that the rest of humanity has not moved beyond the colonial imposition the West set up five centuries ago.

Per its press release of March 4, the US Treasury Department announced that it was replacing the old sanctions with new ones that were said to target corrupt Zimbabweans including its president, Mnangagwa.

This was the headline:
Treasury Sanctions Zimbabwe’s President and Key Actors for Corruption and Serious Human Rights Abuse

Pending or future OFAC investigations or enforcement actions related to apparent violations of the Zimbabwe Sanctions Regulations that occurred while the national emergency was in effect may still be carried out...” -

The very idea that a US government, under a president whose family’s history of corruption is well documented, will be imposing sanction on another country would be funny, were it not to be serious!

But seriously, the sheer arrogance of the West to deem themselves qualified to impose unilateral sanctions on sovereign countries just tile so much! What exactly do they think of themselves? What resources do they possess to make them believe that humanity can not live without them and the fanciful papers they call currencies?

Below is what I wrote in 2008 on the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe: The Algebra of Regime Change
According to the lies being peddled by the racist Western media, Zimbabwe is another glaring example of black’s incapacity for self-governance. According to this script, black people are simply ill-equipped mentally, physically, emotionally, and intellectually to manage their affairs without the guiding hands of compassionate and altruistic whites.

To these white Supremacists, President Robert Mugabe is just another example of a tyrannical black autocrat who has run the affairs of his once prosperous country aground and demolished all the fine institutions left over by benevolent whites – who continue to carry the ‘burden’ of their unfortunate black cousins.

Deep within all these hogwash of racist lies is buried the fact that Zimbabwe is going through very rough economic patches as a result of the punishing economic sanctions Britain and her Western partners have imposed on the unfortunate Southern African nation because Mugabe dares to try to right the historical wrongs of European colonialists.

To call the West, plus its institutions – leadership, and scholarship liars, is to be guilty of inapt language: they have done nothing but tell lies since the dawn of history.

The West singularly remains the only branch of humanity that has consistently sought its advancement at the expense of other people. Lying, cheating, stealing double talk, and other chicaneries are acceptable to Western leaders so long as they advance Western interests.

Because of its stranglehold on the world’s communication outlets, the West can continue to peddle its lies with impunity. And the fawning journalists at the service of the Western press continue to unashamedly tell bare-faced lies about objectivity.

The punishing economic sanctions against Zimbabwe are written in black and white and they are in the public domain. The question is beggared whether or not these supposedly objective truth-seekers are incapable of reading and understanding their language! The BBC, which nauseatingly continues to shout about its objectivity, cannot claim ignorance of these measures. Neither can the other White Supremacist mouthpieces like CNN, NBC, AFP, etc, claim to be unaware of the economic sanctions the EU and the United Snakes of America (USA) have imposed on Zimbabwe; yet they continue to peddle the ungodly lies about Blackman’s incompetence!

Pray, is CNN, with all the resources at its disposal, unaware of the mind-bogglingly mistitled law the USA has imposed on Zimbabwe – the so-called Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act passed into law in December 2000, (ZDERA)?

For those Africans who continue to buy into the lies the Euro-Press tells, it’s important to bear some important historical lessons things in mind: One lesson is that throughout history Europe has always claimed to be what it is, in fact, not. Europe’s genius (and the source of its wealth and strength) lies in its ability to mask its true intentions. The success of Europe lies in its success in persuading the rest of the world to accept Europe’s pursuit of its selfish interests as a gigantic humanitarian enterprise. Another lesson Africans will forget at their peril is that in its dealing with non-White people, Europe’s conduct has been dishonorable.

And we are being charitable here! We should also not forget that Europe remains the only continent (even if we can call it that) that relies on other people’s resources but cannot engage in mutually beneficial commerce; Europe cannot feed, house, and cloth itself without the resources from other land. Yet, Europe always greedily wants what other people have but it’s unwilling to engage in honorable trade.

That explains why Europe continues to marshal all its resources to steal what rightfully belongs to other people. History is our best witness.

When the starving hordes of Europeans were rescued by the natives of the continent we today call America, they didn’t set out to beg the so-called Indians for accommodation. Hell, no! With their philosophy of ‘Why pay for it when you can kill for it,’ when their hungry and greedy eyes eyed the vast land with its boundless resources; their natural selfish instincts were aroused. They systematically wiped out their rescuers whose sole crime was to grant the Europeans the humanity they neither understood, recognized, or deserved!

Today, the vast continent of America belongs to the progenitors of the unprovoked genocidal racial war Europeans launched against the Indians. The children of these conquistadors shamelessly built monuments, and named rivers, and cities after their greatest hero – the monster Cristobal Colon, aka Christopher Columbus. And they continue to celebrate their sham Thanksgiving (giving thanks to their gods for allowing them to massacre their benefactors).

The same sordid tale was repeated in Australia when that Island of Iniquities (Britain) decided to empty her criminals on the hapless Aboriginals. Never in their nature to want to share, the European bandits dumped in Australia massacred some forty million Aboriginals whose sole crime was to own the land these depraved species of humanity craved. Today, we have the Prime Minister of these savage mongrels disturbing our peace with sanctimonious tears about democracy and human rights in Zimbabwe!

New Zealand and Canada were among the places where Europeans successfully wiped out the indigenous people to steal their land and resources.

Thankfully, Africans were able to successfully wrest control of their lands back from European colonizers and empire builders. This is a feat that we must not try to belittle. Africa remains the only place where Europeans were forcibly forced to regurgitate their ill-gotten lands. Whichever we throw it around, our heroes and heroines fought hard to ensure that we did not go the way of the Aboriginals or the Red Indians. We salute their gallantry!

It must be galling indeed for Europeans to see that after all the weapons they threw in our direction, we managed to take physical possession of our land. It must have been doubly agonizing for them when President Robert Mugabe started the revolution of land distribution in his country.

Suddenly, Western leaders and scholars discovered that Mugabe was a tyrant in the mold of, no not Idi Amin, but Hitler himself. Again, history refuses to support these jejune attempts to paint black and white. Before he began his land red-distribution, Mugabe was a darling of the West. He was lauded by the Western press as an example of enlightened black leaders- the so-called New Breed African leaders!

Today Western press continue to lampoon Mugabe, but they only need to go back to their archives to read what they were writing about the man before the land reform began. And let’s be mindful of the fact that the Queen of England herself decorated Mugabe with a Knighthood in 1994!

When the trick of a Knighthood failed to persuade him not to go ahead with his land reform programme, the British leaders and their Western allies decided to break him. Contrary to what Britain and her allies are saying, Mugabe’s only crime was to try and right the historic injustice of white people stealing land belonging to Africans. All other excuses they are giving we can safely dismiss as pure nonsensical.

As I keep telling anyone who will listen, the biggest problem the West has vis-à-vis Africa is that of credibility. Any African for whom thinking is not an encumbrance ought to ask herself why the West suddenly discovered that Zimbabweans are yearning for democracy and human rights!

Why was it that when that accursed ruthless empire-builder, Cecil Rhodes, was cheating African chiefs of their land, Western leaders and scholars didn’t raise a voice in protest? When that stiff-necked racist Ian Smith was brutalizing the Indigenous owners of the land in Zimbabwe and carting them into arid parts of the country, the West and its institutions didn’t raise a voice in objection. When Mugabe and Nkomo launched the liberation war to free their country, no country in the West lent a helping hand. On the contrary, they provided their kith and kin in Rhodesia with the wherewithal to kill and maim Africans whose sole crime was to fight for what rightfully belonged to them. British firms like BP and Shell breached the half-hearted sanctions imposed on Smith and his Clique. Yet, these racists want us to develop collective amnesia, forget our history, and condemn our heroes! Not on your lives!

For those Africans who still get their ‘facts’ from the BBC, I say consider this: our beloved Ghana depends on ‘donor’ support for upward of seventy percent of her budget.

We are not alone; we are in good company. Because of the neo-colonial structure of the world’s economy, many Third World countries depend on these supports. Zimbabwe remains the only country in the world that is denied access to these supports.

According to the ZDERA, Zimbabwe is denied access to loans from all international financial institutions (section 2 of the act). Zimbabwe is denied bilateral debt relief (section 4b1). These punishing measures are to be lifted only when: “… the following conditions are satisfied: (1) restoration of the rule of law – The rule of law has been restored in Zimbabwe, including respect for ownership and title to property…”

There we have it! Western leaders, through their press, keep telling us the lies that they are fighting for democracy and human rights in Zimbabwe, but according to their law, all they want is the maintenance of white privileges. As Cynthia McKinney, one of the few African-Americans in the congress fumed: “To any honest observer, Zimbabwe’s sin is that it has taken the position to right a wrong, whose resolution has been too long overdue – to return its land to its people. When we get right down to it, this legislation is nothing more than a formal declaration of the United States' complicity in a programme to maintain white-skin privilege. We can call it an ‘incentives’ bill, but that does not change its essential ‘sanctions’ nature. It is racist and against the interests of the masses of Zimbabweans. In the long run, the Zimbabwe Democracy Act will work against the United States having a mutually beneficial relationship with Africa.”

In the meantime, this:
🇿🇼 Construction of Zimbabwe's new mineral enhancement facilities to begin this summer

In June, Zimbabwe will begin construction of the Mines to Energy Industrial Park in Mapinga, a major step towards adding value to its minerals as a part of President Mnangagwa's industry advancement plan. The latter includes the development of power plants and mineral processors to foster economic growth.

The government's involvement in the park is a strategic response to the growing demand for lithium, to enhance the mining sector's contribution to the national economy.

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga is the head of the committee overseeing the project.

Source: @sputnik_africa
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