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Ghanaian rice struggles to meet international standards due to packaging issues – A & A Don Solutions CEO

By Rita Mawuli Scot II Contributor
Ghanaian rice struggles to meet international standards due to packaging issues  – A & A Don Solutions CEO

Hon. Joseph Archibald, CEO of A & A Don Solutions Limited, the esteemed importer of Archie's rice and oil, has voiced significant concerns over the struggles Ghanaian rice faces in breaking into the international market.

Archibald attributes these challenges to shortcomings in packaging and other crucial factors, despite the high quality of locally produced rice.

In a recent interview, Archibald expressed frustration over the lack of investment in modern packaging technologies and standards.

"Our rice farmers produce top-quality rice," he said. "But without proper packaging, our product is often overlooked on the global stage."

He emphasized that packaging is not merely an aesthetic concern; it is vital for maintaining the freshness and quality of rice during transport. Poor packaging can lead to product deterioration, making it less appealing to discerning international consumers.

Archibald also highlighted that the international market imposes stringent standards on products. "Competing globally involves more than just quality. Branding, shelf life, and presentation are all essential. Unfortunately, our local industry is lagging in these areas," he remarked.

Further complicating the issue, Archibald criticized the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) processes, which he claims hinder companies trying to import or export products. "The excessive costs and unnecessary demands by the FDA make dealing with Ghanaian products unattractive," he stated. These bureaucratic hurdles, according to Archibald, not only raise costs but also cause delays, further hindering the competitiveness of Ghanaian rice in the global market.

To address these challenges, Archibald called for greater collaboration between the government, private sector, and international partners. He advocated for investment in state-of-the-art packaging facilities and training programs for local producers. "We need a concerted effort to elevate our packaging standards. This includes adopting modern technologies and ensuring our producers have the necessary skills."

Despite these challenges, Archibald remains optimistic about the future of Ghanaian rice in the international market. He believes that with the right investments and strategic planning, Ghanaian rice can achieve the recognition it deserves. "We have the potential to be a major player in the global rice market. It's time to focus on the aspects that will get us there, and packaging is a critical piece of that puzzle."

A & A Don Solutions Limited continues to set a high standard, investing in better packaging for Archie's rice and oil products. By leading by example, Archibald hopes to inspire others in the industry to follow suit, thereby enhancing the overall quality and marketability of Ghanaian rice.

In conclusion, Hon. Joseph Archibald’s insights highlight critical barriers facing Ghanaian rice exporters. Addressing packaging issues and the bureaucratic challenges posed by the FDA is essential to unlock the full potential of Ghana's rice industry and allow it to thrive in the competitive international market.

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