Tue, 11 Jun 2024 Feature Article

Who does this “professional journalist” grandson of late Nana Nyanor Panin of Kumawu think he is?

Who does this “professional journalist” grandson of late Nana Nyanor Panin of Kumawu think he is?

The alleged professional journalist grandson of late Nana Nyanor Panin of Kumawu is nobody other than a liar, a jealous being, a bitter person and an exceedingly malevolent and unwise individual.

In one of his expletives-laden audios, he claimed the beneficiaries of Nana Nyanor’s testament (will) had not contacted his mum, also a beneficiary, when they consented to refurbish the house willed to them.

Pastor Jones, a son, and a beneficiary resident in the Netherlands, tried to contact her on the phone but the journalist, then in Accra, would not pass the phone to his mum.

“Supper” phoned from Belgium to speak to the mum of the journalist about the consensus reached by all the other beneficiaries of the will to renovate Nana Nyanor Panin’s house understood to bay for repairs.

The mum said she would not allow them to move her daughter’s bags of charcoal stored in a communal area they had designated for installing a pipe borne water. This is the fist lie told by the journalist. His mum was notified about the intended renovation.

His mum disagreeing the consensus wouldn’t change anything as she was only one person against the rest.

The lie number 2 told by the journalist. He says the house was willed to some children and grandchildren of Nana Nyanor Panin. No, none of the grandchildren of Nana Nyanor was mentioned in the testament as a beneficiary, not even the journalist, a grandson.

The lie number 3. He says I asked him to go and greet and or, beg Madam Afua Akyaa, for forgiveness to allow peace and harmony to prevail in the family to pave way for his daughter to be taken abroad one day through the kindness of Afia and her children.

The lie number 4. He says those agreed to renovate the house are evicting his mum and children from the house. They have never said so. How could they evict a beneficiary of the will and her children from the house? They have only asked her to remove her bags of charcoal , cement papers, unneeded firewood, etc. from the common areas and rooms not specifically willed to her.

When he was insisting on the constitution of a panel of elders to arbitrate between him and Afia without which he will never reconcile with her, I cited an analogy as detailed in my previous publication to tell the other option, although seldom used, to resolve a conflict between two people or parties. (…..).

Therefore, I did not force the option on him as he alleges. Saying without admitting that I requested him to be the first to initiate the reconciliation process by going to greet Afia or going to ask her for forgiveness, if by so doing, gates of opportunities will open to him, what is wrong about it?

Will he not be a fool to refuse such opportunities on the grounds that they are coming from Afia and her sons and daughters?

He is not a direct beneficiary of the will yet, he has the shameless audacity to instruct amid threats and insults, the actual beneficiaries mentioned in the testament. Who does he think he is, if not an “akuraase taaman” displaying his assumed or fake authority?

He is boasting that he drafted the testament when Nana Nyanor was taken seriously ill. If he wanted to control the beneficiaries or possess the house, why did he not assign any room to himself?

I will not speak any further about the drafting of the will for personal reasons.

He has cunningly been helping his mum to take over the rooms of those beneficiaries that have since passed away and some communal areas in the house hence the absurd but needless fights they are putting up.

What is a communal area, one may want to know? By definition “ Communal areas relate to any type of property where there are shared areas. Inside a property they could be corridors, stairways, door entrances, communal rooms, lifts etc. Outside a property they could be shared gardens, pathways, parking areas, bin stores, drying areas etc.”

“A common area is, in real estate or real property law, the "area which is available for use by more than one person..." The common areas are those that are available for common use by all tenants, groups of tenants and their invitees”.

Going by the meaning of common area as explained above, why is the machismo professional journalist in name but not by works, vehemently fighting the corner of his mum in opposing the installation of the pipe water supply in the common area called as “patomu” in the house? Was it willed to his mum? No.

In February 2024, I met him live in his uncle’s house in Tema, provided with free board and lodging. However, today, he is calling him and other children of the late Nana Nyanor Panin fools and stupid people…(nkwaseafoɔ ne agyimifoɔ) because the uncle supports the renovation of the house.

Let me conclude by telling the public readers the following true story.

Many years ago, if my memory serves me right, a certain prominent man from Kumawu (name withheld) used to work at the Headquarters of the Ghana Commercial Bank in Accra. He took a leave from work to pursue a master’s degree in finance.

After completing the course, he returned to the office. Nonetheless, his bosses who had reached those higher positions by experience and internal promotion but not higher education qualifications, feared for their positions. They thought by his higher education qualification, he would be promoted higher above all of them. Therefore, the big boss at the office who but was less qualified than him, decided to frustrate him to get him resigned.

He would send him to work in various departments in the office, some headed by elementary school form four leavers, secondary school leavers and sixth form graduates all of whom had reached those positions by their many years of on-the-job experience and internal promotions.

He went in as any other ordinary staff member, as though he had never worked there before and was without higher qualification.

They did not give any recognition to his qualification. The bosses did this with intent to get him quit the job himself in out of frustration. He did not, but calmly moved around as was decided by the big boss as and when he liked.

When an offer came up for someone from the office to be sent to the United States of America to pursue a doctoral degree, they offered it to him. He accepted it. To the bosses, they had gotten rid of that human threat to their position.

When he completed his PhD, he served a year or two at the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

When he came back to Ghana, he was moved to London to head the Ghana Commercial Bank there. While in that post, then President of Ghana, Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings recalled him and offered him the post of the Governor of Bank of Ghana.

After his service at the Bank of Ghana, he was later to be appointed the finance minister in the NDC government of late President Professor Evans Fiifi Atta Mills.

This unnamed man, confided to his younger brother that his former bosses posting him to the various departments headed by less qualified persons, helped him very much in his later positions. He said he gained more experience from them that served him better later.

The fact that you come out fresh from school with higher paper qualifications does not make you any better than those with lower or no paper qualifications.

I have narrated this story to inform that professional journalist who would not have accepted being headed by less qualified persons if he were that prominent Kumawu man in his career life as told above, to stop boasting. He humbled himself and was exalted by God.

I will give myself a break. I hope the journalist will behave himself for it doesn’t pay to be liar, bitter, ungrateful, envious, jealous, and greedy, his established traits.