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EU voting: is democracy coming to an end?

EU voting: is democracy coming to an end?

The EU elections on 09.06.2024 brought far-right politicians into more EU parliament seats and French President Macron called for snap elections while the PM of Belgium resigned. In Germany, the Green Party lost about 5% of the votes. Electorates realize that the old traditional parties have integrated environmental policy into their manifestos and the voters see the Green Party as an established party with no difference from the heavily criticized old-established parties SPD, FDP, CDU/CSU.

In the polling station, I was responsible for located in a predominantly foreigners environment one-third voted for the far-right party AfD. This demonstrates that foreigners of the first generation want to protect their achievements and keep further migrants out from Germany. The overall results demonstrate that people in a complex world want simple answers not anyhow after a long discussion process in the future but now. East Germany saw a higher increase in voting for the AfD compared to West Germany, clearly along the old fence of the GDR German Democratic Republic. They come from an authoritarian regime of the SED, that is what they are used to.

African countries were not used to democracy but to kings, traditional rulers, and local chiefs. One man/woman and one command for the decisions that could last generations to come, not changing every four or eight years based on election promises and money changing hands.

While Western democratically elected politicians have no problem stepping down from office as e g. President, Prime Minister, or Minister African politicians still hold on to power even though their people are in increased opposition to them. Part of the difference is that African politicians want to steal from the nation as much as possible. What to do after leaving office? And where to get much money from?

When white Presidents, PMs, or Ministers step down most of them are in great demand. They write their autobiographies, and articles, are paid speakers, give interviews, and are wanted for International positions in organizations or peace deal mediators, paid lobbyists, and run their own companies (lawyers, consultants). among others.

African leaders on the other side are not locally, nationally, or internationally not in high demand due to their performance in Africa no one even not in Africa wants to learn from or hear about them. In Africa, they are on traditional road shows to engage in dialogues with their former subjects.

As democracy in Africa is the exploitation of the nations by the new elites in the Western world the established parties no longer reach the hearts and minds of the citizens. AfD once stronger in parliament needs to prove they are different from other parties in its way of making politics and what they promise.

Adolf Hitler never won in elections the majority constantly depended on coalitions. He was able to push himself to the top as a Fuehrer and become a Dictator. The AfD started as a protest movement as Pegida (Nazi-style organization) for many unhappy Germans was not an option. Foreigners were part of the AfD, and so were blacks. A small group of far-right members took control of the narrative of the party and made former members leave the AfD.

History never repeats itself but always comes back in a different form. The door has been pushed wide open across Europe whether or not democracy as we have known it is still wanted by the majority of Europeans or what new more autocratic form of governance they see as better to serve them. When this is clearer it might have a triple-down effect on Africa. More African Dictators or back to the roots and more Kings, Chiefs, and other traditional rulers?

Which team do you think has the higher chance of winning the 2024 elections?

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