Tue, 11 Jun 2024 PNC

Election 2024: PNC sets guideline for internal elections

By Simon Tetteh || Contributor
Election 2024: PNC sets guideline for internal elections

The People's National Convention (PNC) has announced it would have its National Congress on 31st August, 2024.

This was after its National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting to outline internal elections guidelines for the constituency, regional, and national elections.

At a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting, it was concluded that it would ensure all election processes are fair.

“As a party committed to democracy and transparency, we are ensuring that our internal elections processes are fair, inclusive, and transparent. Our guidelines reflect our commitment to gender equality, youth empowerment, and grassroots participation,” a communiqué issued stated.

The party has thus scheduled to conduct its constituency congress on, July 13 -27, regional congress on August 3 -10 and the national congress on 31st August 2024.