Ghana running into a ditch; youth can only trust me for positive change — Kofi Koranteng

Headlines Kofi Koranteng, Leader of the New Vision Movement and 2024 independent presidential candidate
Kofi Koranteng, Leader of the New Vision Movement and 2024 independent presidential candidate

Independent presidential candidate Kofi Koranteng says Ghana is headed into a ditch due to mismanagement and corruption under the current New Patriotic Party (NPP) government led by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Speaking at the inauguration of his New Vision Movement campaign at the GNAT Hall in Accra on Saturday, June 8, Koranteng said the youth of Ghana can only trust him to bring positive changes and steer the country in the right direction.

"It's obvious we heading into a ditch. It's obvious that things are not working. Too much debt, mismanagement. People in leadership positions, raping our resources, unemployment, the youth who we supposed to be bequeathed in resources and all the goodness of this land to leave the land because they are hopeless," Koranteng said.

The activist-turned-politician criticized the two major parties, NPP and NDC, for failing to conduct meaningful reforms in their 32 years of alternating power.

He said the Constitution protects corrupt officials and needs an overhaul to make the political system more accountable.

"The reason why NPP NDC for that matter in the last 32 years haven't changed the Constitution is because it serves them. It serves your criminality. It protects them. And we want to change it because obviously we don't want to take advantage of the people of Ghana," Koranteng stated.

If elected, Koranteng has promised a 'MEGA 3-SOME' plan involving constitutional change, eradicating corruption and instituting a national development plan.

He aims to abolish privileges for officials, decentralize government and reduce wastage to focus resources on youth development and job creation.

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