Be kind to neighbours to edify Christ — Christians told

By Kingsley Mamore 
Religion Be kind to neighbours to edify Christ — Christians told

Mr Joseph Amewuda, Area Deacon of the House of Power Ministry branch at Dambai in the Krachi East Municipality, has called on Christians to demonstrate their love and compassion towards one another to ensure unity.

He said for a society to develop, there was a need for Christians to love each other, unite and fight for a common goal.

Deacon Amewuda made the call at church service on Sunday and said Christ stood for peace, unity and love and Christians must show such attitude to their neighbours.

He urged the congregation to cultivate the spirit of love for peace, harmonious living, national tolerance and sustainable development.

He explained that it was only when Christians longed and desired for peace that they would respect each other’s views and work together for the well-being of all the citizenry.

He advised the congregation to see God’s word as a period of reaching out to people, who did not know Jesus Christ and preparing them for His second coming.


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