Mr. Ogwanfunu’s Verbal Gauntlet: Unmasking The EC’s Dance

Feature Article Mr. Ogwanfunu’s Verbal Gauntlet: Unmasking The EC’s Dance

Today's title captures the essence of our political saga, woven with intrigue and rhetorical flair. May it serve as a beacon for curious minds navigating the web of Asomdwekromanian politics!

In the grand amphitheatre of Asomdwekromanian politics, where the art of the rhetorical battle is as esteemed as the golden regalia of our ancestors, former President Ogwanfunu has taken to the digital dais of Facebook. With the finesse of a seasoned gladiator, he accuses the Electoral Commission (EC) of a clandestine affair with the ruling Great Elephant, alleging a plot to manipulate the sacred outcomes of the 2024 elections.

Mr. Ogwanfunu's claim, as it were, is akin to that of a nervous warrior, seeking to preempt his own downfall by casting aspersions on the battlefield before the first spear has been thrown. He sees shadows of deceit where there are none; conjuring a storm in a teapot.

The EC, bound by the noble proclamations of our electoral laws, is duty-bound to permit the agents of our political parties to witness the voter registration exercise – not the migration of voters from one hallowed ground to another. The EC, in its infinite wisdom, chose to extend this courtesy to the transfer process, only to have its intentions tainted by the threat of violence and disorder at certain centres. Thus, the EC, like a sage retreating from a storm, withdrew its decree, for it was never etched in stone.

If Mr. Ogwanfunu seeks a culprit for the EC's change of heart, let him look no further than the hoodlums in his own party in the Awutu Senya East Constituency. There, the offspring of the Member of Parliament, Mavis Hawa Koomson, was laid low by a blade wielded by a wayward party member. Had fate not intervened, a life might have been snuffed out.

It appears Mr. Ogwanfunu himself is afflicted with the very disease of memory lapse he once ascribed to the Asomdwekromanian populace. Has he forgotten his own sermon about the EC's impregnability when he held the reins of power? He once declared the EC's sanctity, urging detractors to let the guardians of our electoral temple perform their sacred rites unimpeded.

Yet, now that he treads the path of the opposition, he has become the EC's most vociferous critic, casting doubt on the very independence and systems he once lauded. The irony is as sharp as the blade that stained the peace in Kasoa.

Today's EC, under the stewardship of its current custodians, stands as a paragon of robustness, transparency, and fairness, eclipsing the era of his beloved Charlotte Osei. Any soul endowed with objectivity cannot deny this palpable truth.

What was once deemed impossible under his watch is now within the realm of possibility, solely because the anointed one, Charlotte Osei, no longer presides over the EC. What has transformed the impossible into the possible? Mr. Ogwanfunu's words dance like a mirage, shifting with the sands of political convenience.

Asomdwekromanians must heed this clarion call: to entrust our collective destiny to Mr. Ogwanfunu once more would be a folly of Herculean proportions. His truths are as slippery as banana peels and his principles as fleeting as the morning mist. If hypocrisy were a garment, he would be its most dazzling model.

Let us not be swayed by his relentless onslaughts against Jean Mensa and her lieutenants, for they are but the arrows of desperation from a shivering coward. We recall with vivid clarity how his party cried foul in the aftermath of the 2020 elections, only to present nothing but foggy allegations before the highest court in the land. General Ntontom, in a moment of unguarded frankness, revealed the strategy for what it was: a lie to throw dust into the eyes of their gullible party loyalists.

Mr. Ogwanfunu's time has waned; he is a sign of a bygone era. The very thought of his stewardship casts a cloud over the future of our beloved Asomdwekrom. Let us, as one people under the golden sun, choose a path illuminated by truth, integrity, and the unwavering commitment to a prosperous tomorrow.

As the sun sets over the savannah, Asomdwekrom stands at a crossroads. The echoes of Mr. Ogwanfunu's rhetoric resonates, and the EC's dance continues. What a delicate dance between duty and scrutiny!

In this theatre of democracy, we, the audience, hold the casting vote. Will we be swayed by the storms of partisanship or guided by the spirit of integrity? The choice is ours.

Let us tread wisely, for our ballots are more potent than any sword. May truth prevail, and may Asomdwekrom's future shine brighter than the morning sun on the horizon. And so, my dear Asomdwekromanians, the saga continues. It's a clash of words and a dance of destinies. May our choices be wise, our hearts discerning, and our democracy resilient.

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!

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