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Teshie Atofotse honors Nii Martey Dzata Obrempong I as Teshie Obediben Mantse

Teshie Atofotse honors Nii Martey Dzata Obrempong I as Teshie Obediben Mantse

In a significant ceremony steeped in tradition and community honor, the Teshie Gbugblah Division and Elders of Teshie Obediben have officially installed Nii Martey Dzata Obrempong I, also known as Daniel Nii Martey Laryea, as the esteemed Teshie Obediben Mantse.

This momentous occasion marks his ascension as a sub-chief under the revered Teshie Gbugblah Divisional Council.

At forty-two years old, Nii Martey Dzata Obrempong I boasts a distinguished profile as a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and the CEO of DMA Investments Limited and Original_Don Properties. His dedication to community upliftment and business acumen have earned him widespread respect and admiration.

The installation ceremony, held from the 26th to the 29th of May 2024, was a testament to the rich cultural heritage and deep-rooted traditions of the Teshie community. Nii Martey Dzata Obrempong I was formally inducted into the esteemed Teshie Gbugblah Council on the 4th of June, 2024, assuming the role of acting Teshie Atofotse in the absence of Nii Martey Odonkor III, the incumbent Teshie Atofotse.

In his acceptance speech, the newly installed chief expressed heartfelt gratitude to the people of Obediben for bestowing upon him the honor and responsibility of leadership. He pledged to serve his community diligently, guided by principles of integrity, compassion, and dedication.

He added that youth empowerment will play an integral part under his watch as the Chief. "I will empower the youth to become entrepreneurs, businessmen and women so they can achieve their dreams and goals.

"We cannot develop without peace so I will plead with you all to preach peace across so that we can unite and develop our community together."

As Teshie Obediben Mantse, Nii Martey Dzata Obrempong I embody a new chapter in the illustrious history of Teshie, promising to uphold the values and traditions that define the community.

His leadership is poised to inspire positive change and foster unity, ensuring a bright and prosperous future for generations to come.

Dickson Boadi
Dickson Boadi

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