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A patriotic response to slanderous YouTube video entitled: "Why are Ghanaians Kicking Out Liberians But Embracing Black Americans?"

A patriotic response to slanderous YouTube video entitled: \

Quote: "Why are Ghanaians Kicking Out Liberians But Embracing Black Americans?" Unquote. Correction: It is egregious falsehood in the most extreme of fashions, to slander the Republic of Ghana so ungratefully.

The bald truth, dear critical-reader, is that it is the Chiefs and their Councils of Elders, who are the allodial owners of the land on which what hitherto had been known as the Gomoa Budumburam Camp Liberia refugee settlement area, was sited, who want their very, very valuable land back to leverage (now that the UNHCR has declared Liberia to be a safe nation for its exiled citizens to return to), for their own longterm well-being and generational-familial-security, finance-wise. Full stop.

To accuse Ghanaians and their nation of inflicting hardship on the Gomoa Budumburam Camp Liberia's Liberian community, is therefore an outrage. As it happens, many Ghanaian families too lost their homes in the selfsame area, and have also been displaced, even as we speak - and, it ought to be pointed out, that those homes were sold to them by Liberian refugees, let us not forget. Haaba.

This is a one-sided critique of a many many-faceted-issue that is totally unwarranted. Nothing more, nothing less - and one speaks as someone who is well known for his love for Liberians, and, who actually made personal sacrifices, to assist, in practical fashion, quite a few of them, some even total strangers unknown to him, dear critical-reader. We did not bandy platitudinous words about at that material moment - and therefore feel that we have a moral right to defend Ghana and Ghanaians against this abominable pure nonsense on bamboo stilts propaganda. Case closed.

As wise and aspirational Africans, who say we are Pan-Africanists, let us learn to be fair - and not stoke up hatred for our fellow humans so unecessarily. The wuetuon is: What exactly p has this verbose young man, and those of his ilk, done in practical fashion, for the affected Liberians temporarily p stranded in Ghana, in any case, one wonders, dear critical-reader? Deeds, not mere words, are what this tragic moment requires, oooo. Yooooooooo... A word to the wise...

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Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024