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Barack Obama is still wrong

Barack Obama is still wrong

On his first visit to Ghana in 2009 and subsequent visits to this and other African countries former US President Barack Obama stood on his firm belief that "Africa does not need strong men but strong institutions." He wanted to condemn dictators and other bad leaders who enrich themselves at the expense of their people. He allowed others to address himself as the first back American President which is true by the American definition of slavery and children born out of the rules of the past. In both categories, he is still wrong and it has been proven to him recently. He is mixed-raced as a son of a black father and a white mother. His Kenyan roots nevertheless did not root a deeper understanding of Africa in his heart.

New York District Prosecutor Bragg was prominently mentioned by former US President Donald Trump in the Hush Money trial against him. Many, so the complaint of Trump, before Bragg sat on the case but no one brought it to court. Trump sees election interference in it. This particular case, like many others, demonstrates that not strong institutions take strong actions only strong individuals do and use the setup of an institution to perform on their given mandate and work ethics.

Barack Obama swore the Oath of Office but allowed 9/11 prisoners in Guantanamo Bay to be torched and kept for years in incarceration without a trial. In his election campaign, he promised the immediate closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison camp but never did (even after signing a decree in 2009 to shut it down in less than one year.).

Institutions have a mandate, rules, and regulations. Without people an institution is useless. Besides administrators, the top team and especially the leader of it determines the day-to-day work and final performance of the institutions. Edgar G. Hoover was the FBI founder and its most powerful Director ever holding Presidents like J.F. Kennedy or his brother Sen. Robert Kennedy and others in his hands respectively dossiers. In Germany Reinhard Gehlen, Director of the German Intelligence Agency BND was equally powerful having founded the BND.

Humans create organizations and decide about their leadership, their coming and going. Therefore individuals and not the systems are the focus of success or failure so in politics. The right strong individual with the right inclusive selfless and visionary mindset is what guides a society to glory for all. Manifestos are the discussion protocols of the many in a party but can never replace the character of leaders and their distinct individual personalities. A strong independent leader will always be wise enough to select strong leaders of institutions that push a nation into glory.

Let us all promote strong individuals for a dynamic bright future for all not only party members or lobbyists. Africa deserves better.

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