Be careful of online scammers that disguise as destiny helpers - Rotimi Onadipe advises

By Rotimi Onadipe II Contributor
Cybercrime Be careful of online scammers that disguise as destiny helpers - Rotimi Onadipe advises

In line with his organisation's mission to prevent cyber crimes and internet abuse among users globally, the MD/Editor-in-Chief of Internet Safety Magazine, Rotimi Onadipe, issued an alert, warning the public to be cautious of fraudsters that disguise themselves as destiny helpers on social media platforms.

Addressing the public during an online safety education programme that he initiated, Onadipe said one of the major reasons why many people joined social media platforms is because they want to meet people that will help them to change the story of their life for good, unknown to them that there are many destiny killers on the internet that disguise as destiny helpers.

According to Onadipe, "The internet is an online environment where we meet all kinds of people with different mission. Some people are there to help you to add moral values to your life while others are there to defraud you and make your life miserable through their nefarious activities."

"Be informed that while there are destiny helpers on the internet who are there to make life better for you, destiny killers are also there that are prepared to make life worse for you. This is the more reason why you must be very careful every time you are on the internet."

"How will you be able to differentiate between those with good intention and those with bad intention when you meet them online? This is an important issue that needs urgent attention at this particular time when most people need financial support to meet their daily needs or overcome economic hardship," Onadipe added.

"One of the prayers that most people pray every day is to meet their destiny helpers. Of course, there is nothing wrong in praying such prayers but we must all be very careful, especially when we meet people on social media platforms and they promise to help us.

"All that glitters on the internet is not gold. When you meet people online and they want to offer you some help or financial support, please make sure you do your own research and investigation very well to avoid being defrauded by scammers. Find out if the people that contacted you are really destiny helpers that they claim to be or destiny killers that want to take advantage of your ignorance about online safety.

"The fact that you received an email, text message, phone call or parcel from a courier company for financial and material support that claims to be from government agencies, non-governmental organisations or other support groups does not mean it's from them.

"It is your responsibility to make sure you don't fall victim to such scam. Be wise and don't be too quick to believe every offer of financial support that you see on internet. More importantly, always get in touch with experts for effective counseling on how to stay safe online and also when you suspect anyone you meet online," Onadipe stated.

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