‘Why the Lord dealt with me’ — Archbishop Duncan-Willams reveals

Religion Founder and leader of Action Chapel, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams
Founder and leader of Action Chapel, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, the founder and head pastor of Action Chapel International, has opened up about an experience that taught him an important lesson early in his ministry career.

Speaking to his congregation on May 26, the Archbishop revealed that God dealt with him to show that the power seen in his ministry was not by his own might.

In his sermon, Archbishop Duncan-Williams reminisced about the beginning of his ministry where demons screaming and shouting would occur frequently during church services.

“I used to feel very good about that. I used to feel Charlie I’m powerful. You see how the demons are reacting and crying and I will say ushers carry them and bring them, run and I used to feel very powerful," he said.

However, the Archbishop revealed that "the Lord dealt with me and I realized that hey hey hey it is not because of your anointing, it is the name of Jesus, it is the presence of Jesus."

He realized that he had taken too much credit for what was happening, not recognizing that the true power came from God.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams averred "There are little things that we take credit for and it's prideful, but we don’t even know it. May God forgive us."

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