Climate change: Ashanti Region farmers recording low yields

By Jacob Agyenim Boateng || Contributor
Regional News Climate change: Ashanti Region farmers recording low yields

Farmers in the Ashanti Region are facing a significant threat from climate change, with some districts experiencing an alarming drop in crop yields.

Distressed vegetable farmers in the Atwima Nwabiagya North District have reported that their crop yields have been decreasing every year due to the negative impact of climate change.

This growing crisis has prompted calls for the government to implement strategies to safeguard food security and jobs in the agricultural sector.

Most Affected Farmers
Kofi Essah, a leading member of the Vegetable Farmers Association in Fufuo, Atwima Nwabiagya North District, highlighted that peasant farmers in rural areas are suffering the most from the adverse effects of climate change.

Speaking on Thursday, June 6, 2024, he said, "Peasant farmers in rural areas are the most affected by the myriad of challenges brought on by climate change. I can use my situation as a case study. Just this year, I cultivated a six-acre okra farm. After nurturing it for a period, hoping to get enough yield to cover my investment, the crops suddenly started dying.

"I realized that the crops failed to mature after the rains stopped, coupled with consistent heat from the sun. Now I have lost huge sums of money because the okra farm failed to yield the needed results."

Mr. Essah disclosed that many of his farming colleagues are facing similar losses due to the adverse effects of climate change.

Support from Government's Planting for Food and Jobs Project

The vegetable farmers in Fufuo have appealed to the government to include them in its flagship program, Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ). They noted that access to farming inputs and loans has been very difficult, stressing that the PFJ project could help solve these issues.

The farmers also called on the government to provide modern irrigation systems to enable year-round farming for improved yields.

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