Is This A Prophecy That A Pastor Should Be Proud Of, If Bawumia Wins By Stealing The 2024 Election?

Feature Article Is This A Prophecy That A Pastor Should Be Proud Of, If Bawumia Wins By Stealing The 2024 Election?

This should have been the time for pastors to come out during these turbulent times when the majority of Ghanaians are suffering and give them the faith they need to survive and pass through the daily challenges they face. Sadly, many Ghanaian pastors have become politically corrupt to the point where they have neglected Ghanaians and instead worked with the corrupt government of Akufo Addo-Bawumia, prophesying victory for the vice president, a politician rejected by the majority of Ghanaians.

How do pastors in Ghana who identify themselves as prophets receive their message from God? This is what I would like to know. I will not attack any pastor in Ghana for claiming to be a prophet; however, I am curious about how a politician who has lost the favor and trust of Ghanaians due to his involvement in financial crimes, such as money laundering and corruption, which caused the country's economy, businesses, and investments to collapse, will become a subject of prophecy to be president of Ghana.

As a democratic country, Ghanaians elect their representatives in elections; everything changes when elections are rigged. Since Bawumia has lost support from the majority of the people, if a preacher predicts that Bawumia will win, is it through manipulation or genuine? If his victory was due to electoral fraud, that means those pastors are fake prophets. They strike me as deceitful and corrupt preachers who act with the same recklessness as the administration they support.

One so-called prophet even made headlines when he declared, "People should burn down his church if Bawumia doesn't win." I would like to know if the pastor got that message from God. More crucially, if elections are rigged and Bawumia wins, does he acknowledge that he is a good prophet? As said earlier, I will never attack Ghanaian pastors, but they need to realize that a lot of people would rather live without attending church because of such fake pastors claiming to be prophets.

Many pastors in Ghana are driven by a passion for lying, conceit, and greed, working hand in hand with dishonest governments and politicians in exchange for cash, rather than advancing progress or promoting peace. One of the main problems Ghana is currently facing is that the few pastors who dare to criticize the government's immoralities end up as targets of hate crimes and assaults.

Ghana is home to a large number of churches, some of which have branches abroad that earn them honors and distinction. However, some of these well-known churches' pastors are not who they would have people believe they are. Numerous pastors have been encouraged to predict absurd things and feel shameless about them by their love of money, ostentatious objects, cars, and homes. Today, the majority of pastors in Ghana have corrupted their positions.

In my opinion, many Ghanaians have suffered greatly as a result of their neglect by pastors who take bribes or money from Akufo Addo; therefore, they don’t care about the welfare and plight of the populace. Even though Pastor Mensa Otabil John insisted that his pulpit was not for politics, many, like him, believed and supported the deception of Akufo Addo and Bawumia to go after Mahama throughout his administration, despite all the projects he took on and the prosperous economy.

How serious are Ghanaians or prophetic pastors who claim that Bawumia will win when this man is a part of this corrupt government that has destroyed the country? How sincere are the prophets if they can’t see that the same man is responsible for financial crimes that have affected the nation’s economy and dragged Ghana into the deep ocean? Reading such prophecies from Ghana makes me feel ashamed because it leads many people to believe that Ghanaians lack intelligence.

Bawumia has been the vice president for almost eight years. He failed all his promises and couldn’t even build a single hospital; instead, they demolished a hospital serving La-Teshi-Nungua communities and failed to rebuild it. So, if someone like him promises Ghanaians to build a new teaching hospital for Cape Coast if he becomes president, are those who are listening to him the mad ones or the vice president himself?

Pastors or prophets should make Christianity meaningful and worthy of serving God, they shouldn’t behave like they are making fun of God because God can’t be mocked.

Which team do you think has the higher chance of winning the 2024 elections?

Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024