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Ambulance case: Alleged audio tape between A-G and Jakpa exposes unfair trial — Ato Forson

First accused person in the ambulance case Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson[left] and Attorney General Godfred Yeboah DameFirst accused person in the ambulance case Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson[left] and Attorney General Godfred Yeboah Dame

The embattled first accused in the ongoing ambulance procurement case, Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson, has alleged in an affidavit that an audio recording between the Attorney General, Godfred Dame and the third accused, Richard Jakpa, proves the A-G cannot conduct a fair trial.

In a supplementary affidavit in support of his application for a mistrial dated May 31, Dr. Ato Forson referenced the audio recording which is currently in circulation depicting conversations between the A-G and Jakpa.

According to the minority leader’s affidavit, in the recording, the A-G is heard telling Jakpa "if we agree to this theory, it's so simple, the theory of the case" and "If you finish next week, I would appreciate it".

The A-G also allegedly asked Jakpa to "bring one of the medical reports next week".

Dr. Ato Forson argues these discussions were held without the other parties or their lawyers present and "were clearly designed to pervert the course of justice."

He maintains the audio recording and several media reports provide "incontrovertible evidence that the Attorney-General sought to tamper with the evidence of A3 to secure only one desired outcome, my conviction."

Dr. Ato Forson, through his legal counsel, is applying for a mistrial on the grounds that the A-G's "dubious scheme" as captured in the audio "to manufacture, twist and in whatsoever manner, manipulate the evidence in this matter to ensure that his avowed aim of securing my conviction is achieved," means he cannot ensure a fair trial.





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