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Concerned Youth Of Kwahu Stand With Hon. Dr. Bryan Acheampong

By Concerned Youth of Kwahu
Bryan AcheampongBryan Acheampong

We the concerned youth of Kwahu wish to appeal to all well meaning Ghanaians to rise up and speak against the attempt by some people to discourage the expansion of indigenous Ghanaian businesses for reasons best known to them.

This sad recent occurrence, if not checked has the propensity to totally discourage well meaning Ghanaian businessmen and women from further investing in our country.

The adverse effect of such a decision is glaring as the issue of unemployment will keep skyrocketing.

These businessmen and women employ thousands of Ghanaians, pay their SSNIT contributions, pay huge taxes to G.R.A and also help these people they have employed earn livelihoods to be able to fend for their families.

We all are quick to mention the names of prominent and accomplished Business owners such as Ellon Musk, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and several others and heap praises on them for their achievements but, if these accomplished businesses moguls had been antagonized as bad as we want to do to some of the promising businessmen and women we have in this country,they wouldn't have been where they are today.

It is in this light that we, the Concerned Youth of Kwahu throw our unflinching support behind one of the most accomplished Business men/politicians in our country ,Hon Dr Bryan Acheampong and urge him to continue contributing his quota to national development by expanding all his businesses, especially Rock City Hotels which has employed over a thousand Ghanaians nationwide.

Hon Dr Bryan Acheampong is an astute politician and a humanitarian whose activities positively impact the lives of thousands of Ghanaians everyday and as such ,over qualifies to be a national hero.

Let us not destroy the lives of people who genuinely have our country at heart and have vowed to invest in this country for generations yet unborn to come and benefit in their quest to serve mother Ghana.

Thank you for your attention
Stephen Obeng Ntiamoah
Convener, Concerned Youth of Kwahu
Phone: +233 243149929
WhatsApp: +233 243149929
USA: +1 7734914568
Email: [email protected]

Prince Agyemang Offei (Don Paino)
Communication Director, Concerned Youth of Kwahu

Phone: +233 208143050
Whatsap - +233 208143050
William Owusu
Dep. Communications Concerned Youth of Kwahu
Phone - +233 24 330 7606
WhatsApp - +233 24 330 7606

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