‘Ban pornography; it was created as a tool to enslave men’ — Candace Owens

Social News Candance Owens, American political commentator and TV presenter
Candance Owens, American political commentator and TV presenter

American conservative commentator Candace Owens has made an impassioned call for pornography to be completely banned.

She described it as a "psychological weapon" intended to "weaken our men" and introduce harmful practices like "homosexuality, paedophilia and incest."

Owens, a prominent political commentator and TV presenter, argued that pornography was "created by the most depraved among our human race" as a tool of "enslavement, not freedom."

She urged men struggling with pornography addiction not to feel ashamed, saying, "Knowing that it's wrong is a great first step."

Owens further claimed that the pornography industry is deliberately producing more "depraved" content each year, including the depiction of "young-looking boys and girls" and transgender individuals, while simultaneously promoting the idea that consuming such material is "healthy" for young people.

"Pornography was created as a tool of enslavement, not freedom," Owens wrote. "It was created by the most depraved among our human race to psychologically introduce homosexuality, paedophilia and incest—religious sacraments to Satanists (sic). BAN IT & stigmatize every person who defends or profits from [it],” she said in a post on X.

In another post, she stated: "Yes—pornography is a psychological, spiritual weapon meant to degrade the tastes of men and women. Every year the porn offered becomes more depraved. They introduce young-looking boys and girls, trannies, etc., while simultaneously teaching kids in government-run schools that it's 'healthy' to watch porn."

The debate over the societal impact of pornography is a longstanding and contentious one, with valid concerns raised about issues like addiction, objectification, and the potential normalization of unethical practices

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