How Can a Party-Wrecking Buaben Asamoa Call Himself a Leader?

Feature Article Buaben Asamoa, Alan Kyerematen and Alhaji Abubakar Saddique Boniface
Buaben Asamoa, Alan Kyerematen and Alhaji Abubakar Saddique Boniface

It is rather laughable to hear the former Communications Director of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the democratically ousted former Member of Parliament for Adenta Constituency, in the Greater-Accra Region, Mr. Buaben Asamoa, bitterly complain to the media that one of his brood of children – he does not tell Mr. Kwesi Parker-Wilson, of Oyerepa TV, how many children the native of Ejura, in the Asante Region, has with his wife – has become a laughing stock at school because of Mr. Buaben Asamoa’s recent dismissal from the New Patriotic Party, for flagrantly breaching party rules by deserting the NPP to support an epically failed career Presidential Aspirant, namely, Mr. Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen, who resigned from the party in the wake of his decisive defeat for the 2024 Presidential Candidacy of the New Patriotic Party by the twice-elected substantive Vice-President of our beloved Sovereign Democratic Republic of Ghana, viz., Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia (See “My Child Is Now a Victim of Mockery Because of My Dismissal – Buaben Asamoah” 11/27/23).

From reliable sources, this was at least the fourth or fifth time that Mr. Kyerematen, the former John “The Gentle Giant” Agyekum-Kufuor- and the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo-appointed Trade and Industry Minister had thrown his trademark infantile tantrums and tendered his party-membership resignation to the key operatives of the New Patriotic Party at the latter institutional establishment’s Kokomlemle, Accra, Headquarters. But, of course, the most relevant question that any critically thinking observer must be asking is as follows: Precisely why would Mr. Buaben Asamoa expect his party membership not to be summarily revoked, after he has so egregiously flouted his sworn membership affiliation in order to unwisely truck with a man who has categorically made it clear that unless he is coronated the Serial and the Dynastic Presidential Candidate of the New Patriotic Party, there is absolutely no way for him to humbly conduct himself by pledging his unreserved support and endorsement to the party’s democratically elected or selected 2024 Presidential Nominee?

In other words, absolutely in no way could Mr. Buaben Asamoa fault or blame the Kingmakers and the Queenmakers of the ruling New Patriotic Party for not only getting dismissed from the party but himself and his apparently abject lack of vision and ideological foresight. If the toddler or teen classmates of his son or daughter – he does not specify any genders here – are mocking his child at school, as a direct result of the very childish and unarguably idiotic decision taken by her or his father as a self-proclaimed and self-infatuated leader who has absolutely no concern or regard for the logical fallout or the ramifications of any morally and far-reaching decisions that he takes, then, of course, it absolutely goes without saying that Mr. Buaben Asamoa has only himself, and himself only, to blame and nobody else at either Jubilee House or at the Kokomlemle Headquarters of the New Patriotic Party.

Now, the morally instructive news here is that even the diapered classmates of Mr. Buaben Asamoa’s own son or daughter are fully and aptly convinced that this commonsense-bereft butterball and pathologically egotistic political goofball is not the kind of adult-male figure that they would want to have and/or ever call their father. If this basic logic is damn too complicated for the Kyerematen bootlicker to understand, then, by all means, Mr. Buaben Asamoa can take a hike and go torch the Gulf of Guinea and even the Atlantic Ocean itself for good measure. After all, aren’t we already sick and tired of the cretinous quirks of these Summer Party Riders who have been dragging down the progressive and the visionary national development agenda of the New Patriotic Party since its inception in 1992 or thereabouts?

Sheepishly offering oneself as a medium to further erode and railroad the steady and the progressive development the entire democratic agenda of the New Patriotic Party for our long-hijacked and thoroughly National Democratic Congress-wrecked beloved nation, in order to impose a morally and psychologically unhinged megalomaniac on the New Patriotic Party and the nation at large, in the very same primitive and morally benighted manner being recklessly done by the leaders of the country’s main opposition National Democratic Congress, with a superannuated recent graduate of the Senior-Staff College of the Ghana Armed Forces, to wit, “Lt-Col.” Johnson “The Mosquito” Asiedu-Nketia at the helm, does not a serious and a genuine leader make, contrary to what the reprobate likes of Messrs. Hopeson Adorye, Nana Ohene Ntow and Alhaji Abubakar Saddique Boniface or Boniface Abubakar Saddique would have the rest of us believe. At the very best, such political tack constitutes the height of treasonable nation-wrecking.

For Mr. Saddique Abubakar Boniface or Boniface Abubakar Saddique, even as the former Old Northern Regional Minister and the Akufo-Addo-appointed Inner-City Development Minister reminded us in the wake of Mr. Kyerematen’s press conference at which the professional party deserter haltingly announced the formation of his so-called Butterfly Party, the question of who gets to occupy Jubilee House does not really matter a whit, since Alhaji Abubakar Boniface Saddique, a longtime former stalwart of the National Democratic Congress, is at heart a veritable and a bona fide political chameleon who has one cutlery-clutching hand, each, deeply entrenched in the dinner bowls of both two major political parties in the country.

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By Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., PhD
Professor Emeritus, Department of English
SUNY-Nassau Community College
Garden City, New York
May 18, 2024
E-mail: [email protected]