Is the dumsor ongoing in Ghana partly an act of sabotage or purely for repair works?

Feature Article Is the dumsor ongoing in Ghana partly an act of sabotage or purely for repair works?

When I was in Ghana recently, I witnessed persistent power outages in Kumawu, part of Kumasi where I stayed and parts of Accra. I was wondering how come that in the last year of NPP government, they had started facing challenges of power outages, popularly called in the Ghanaian coined parlance as “dumsor”?

President Nana Akufo-Addo’s NPP government had managed very well electricity supply to the nation for the past seven years in government, amid the intermittent alleged attempts by certain opposition political activists to sabotage his good works in that area.

We saw and heard about some political enemies causing extensive damage to major transformers and pylons in Tema and other cities in Ghana all to undermine the president and his government.

Not long ago, I received a video on damage caused to electrical cables and fuses powering the streetlights around the Legon area. Some people for undisclosed reasons, had removed the cables and fuses.

Were they removed by those people addressed as “condemn” who go round seeking scrap metals and electrical cables to sell to the scrapyard operators?

These “condemn” guys even go to the extent of scrapping newly installed electrical wires from newly constructed buildings that are not yet occupied.

However, the video in this publication that has precipitated this writeup if it were to be true but not fake, then I shall be compelled to believe that most of the ongoing dumsor in Ghana in recent times is pure political or criminal sabotage. Those behind the act are doing so for some selfish motives.

If the incident in the attached video was true but not false, then I will suggest to the police to be on the tail of the person intentionally or criminally causing the dumsor to certain areas of Accra or Ghana for the fun of it.

If the video is true, then the question is, who recorded him and put it on social media? For how long has the video been out there before it was forwarded to me by my wife tonight?

The police had better investigate the video to inform the nation accordingly.

As an armchair journalist ready to support the good course of his country, I shall not sleep over any information that affects Ghana and the public in whatsoever way if it does come to my knowledge. I shall put them out to alert those in positions of authority to crosscheck to prove their authenticity or falsity.

In almost all the cases of chieftaincy affairs on claims to total ownership of things by the overlords, I do research and inform the public rightly by way of rebuttal to such frivolous claims or otherwise.

Please the public, watch the video below to make your own informed decisions. I hope it is not true. However, the person in the video must be invited by the police. I hope he will not go to say that the video is doctored and that it was not him, the defence always put up by political and or ,criminal saboteurs when caught with their pants down.