I Will Tell You A Story, Paul Adom-Otchere Is Not A Journalist, He Is A Professional Criminal

Feature Article I Will Tell You A Story, Paul Adom-Otchere Is Not A Journalist, He Is A Professional Criminal

A Ghanaian proverb states that no matter how much you clean a pig, it will always return to the mud to sully itself. Paul Adom-Otchere is similar to a pig; he dislikes cleanliness and will continue to defend crimes. Adom-Otchere chose journalism as a career to disguise his genuine identity, as many people who are born criminals want to select careers that conceal their criminality. However, the more he struggles to hide his criminality through journalism, the more he exposes who he is.

The so-called journalist has never shown himself to be sincere or moral in his life because he makes his income by defending the wrongdoings and immoralities of the NPP regime. Ghana won't advance, and all of its youth will end up as destitute criminals if there are only 5% of journalists like Paul Adom-Octhere in the nation. Moral Ghanaians have no time for him, regardless of the number of views the TV show he presents receives from the NPP crooks who pay attention to him.

The KIA airport worker has defended numerous NPP politicians for their misdeeds. However, to avoid making this article a book, I will focus on three political criminals that he has protected: Akufo Addo, Kwadwo Owusu-Afriyie, and Cecilia Dapaah. Following the revelation of Akufo Addo's extramarital romance with the Canadian woman, known as Serwaa Broni, on social media, the president dispatched security personnel to attack the woman at gunpoint in an attempt to seize any evidence that could implicate him.

Paul Adom-Otchere, who may or may not be married, showed little empathy for the traumatized woman. Rather than showing compassion, he accused the Ghanaian-Canadian woman of fabricating a story against Akufo Addo to obtain money and buy a home in the upscale Cantonment or airport residential areas, based on her knowledge that wealthy people reside there. If the president has truly committed a crime, how can a credentialed journalist make such a baseless accusation?

Kwadwo Owusu-Afriyie, often known as Sir John, amassed enormous money via corruption, which was made clear in his testament upon his death. The NPP lawmaker has 75 assets in all, including homes, property, many vehicles, bank accounts, and investments. For a man who entered politics during the shortest length of time the NPP came to power, these traits are excessive. Paul Adom-Otchere arrived to defend him, claiming that the properties were gifts from the people the late politician worked for, in response to the outcry from Ghanaians calling for an investigation.

The Christmas decoration tree price inflator is as shameless as a robber or a whore. In the same way that a prostitute sleeps with numerous men without feeling guilty, a thief who is apprehended and freed will steal again. Ghanaians need to comprehend why, despite all the animosity directed at them, he still defends criminals for a living. He defended Cecilia Dapaah, claiming the million dollars people are accusing her of stealing were from a deceased relative.

My story revolves around the British musician, Elton John, who rose from humble beginnings as a sensitive piano rocker to become a dazzling music icon. The musician for the British royal family, who performed wonderful songs like "Daniel, My Brother, Sacrifice, Nikita, Sad Songs," and others, was aware that he was gay, but at the time, coming out as gay would have made one's enemies and caused embarrassment, so he chose to hide his sexual orientation by getting married.

Regretfully, he realized that he was lying to not only his wife but also to his admirers all around the world. He came out as gay when he was unable to keep his sexual life a secret any longer. He divorced and purchased his wife a luxurious mansion as compensation for wasting her time. You see, in life, you can never hide from people that you are a thief, criminal, fake lawyer, tyrant, financially dishonest individual, drug addict, alcoholic, or womanizer; your actions or personality will reveal it.

Since Paul Adom-Otchere is a professional criminal who used journalism to hide his true identity, Ghanaians should be aware of why he is unable to give up his career of defending criminals. He has no room to change, therefore, this won't be his last time defending Godfred Dame, the Attorney General, against criminal charges. He'll carry on doing this and teach his kids as well. Had the man been a legitimate lawyer, he would have accepted the money and locked up innocent individuals.