Wed, 29 May 2024 Feature Article

Does Ghana need a social revolution?

Does Ghana need a social revolution?

Dear critical-reader, when it becomes obvious that our homeland Ghana has ended up becoming a Kafkaesque country, akin to Anansesemkrom, the question that we ought to ponder over is: To cure its many societal ills, such as elite impunity, does Ghana need to swallow the metaphorical bitter pill social revolution? Hmmm, 3y3nsem piiiii, oooo, Ghanafuor.

Case study: In any other nation on the planet, an Attorney General accused of suborning an accused person (through coaching him on how best to give evidence favourable to the Prosecution), in a case he was prosecuting on the Republic's behalf, would have resigned immediately, once that was exposed publicly. Hmmm, asem k3siy33 bi 3b3ba debi ankasa, ooooo. Yoooooooo...

Alas, principle and ethics seem to have been cast aside by our ruling elites - most of whom now appear to put Machiavellian expediency above morality and truth in all matters - so the Attorney General's ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) colleagues have made it plain that he will not be resigning despite the scandalous revelation of his involvement in unheard-of-suborning to pervert the course of justice. Incredible. Eiiiii, Oman Ghana - tweaaaaaaaa.

Any wonder, then, dear critical-reader, that we are now witnessing an unprecedented period, when rampant high-level corruption, on a scale never once seen before, in our country's entire post-independence history, has finally culminated in the bankrupting of our Republic, by a greed-filled self-seeking powerful few (with metaphorical tentacles spread over all the critical areas of our national life that they are busy looting), at society's expense? To end rampant high-level corruption, dear critical-reader, there is no question that Ghana needs a social revolution to smash egregious elite serial-thievery to smithereens, for sure. Full stop. Case closed. Yooooooooo...