Tue, 28 May 2024 Press Release

Condemnation of Violent Attack on Fulani Community by NDC Hooligans

By Zamigu Youth 4NPP
Condemnation of Violent Attack on Fulani Community by NDC Hooligans

We, the Zamigu Youth 4NPP, strongly condemn the recent violent attacks perpetrated by NDC hooligans against members of the Fulani community who were brought to register in the ongoing EC limited registration exercise at kumbungu constituency. This reprehensible act not only undermines the democratic process but also threatens the peace and unity that our nation, for that matter, kumbungu constituency holds dear.

On 26th may 2024, a group of Fulani individuals were violently confronted and attacked by individuals associated with the NDC while attempting to register for voter ID card at kumbungu EC office. This shameful display of aggression is a clear violation of their fundamental rights as citizens to participate in the democratic process.

We unequivocally denounce this act of violence and call for immediate action to be taken against those responsible. Violence and intimidation have no place in our democracy, and we urge the relevant authorities to ensure that justice is swiftly served. It is imperative that the perpetrators are held accountable to prevent such incidents from recurring in the future.

Furthermore, we call upon all political parties, community leaders, and citizens to join us in promoting peace, tolerance, and respect for all individuals, regardless of their ethnic background or political affiliation. The strength of our democracy lies in our ability to uphold the principles of inclusivity and equality for all.

We stand in solidarity with the Fulani community in kumbungu constituency and assure them of our unwavering support. We also reaffirm our commitment to safeguarding the democratic rights of every citizen and fostering an environment where everyone can exercise their right to vote without fear or intimidation.

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight the exemplary achievements of our NPP parliamentary candidate, Hon.Abdul Salam Fatawu Tumalana.

Under Hon.Abdul Fatawu leadership, several critical infrastructure projects, including roads, schools, and healthcare facilities, have been completed, significantly improving the quality of life for our constituents .

Given these substantial achievements, it is evident that Hon.Abdul Fatawu has the full support of the community and does not need to resort to any form of manipulation or coercion to win the upcoming elections. The candidate’s track record speaks for itself, and the constituents recognize and appreciate the positive impact of their leadership.

Let us work together to ensure that such acts of violence and intolerance are eradicated from our society, and that the upcoming electoral process is free, fair, and peaceful.

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