Voting for NDC again scary, worse decision — Afenyo-Markin to Ghanaians

NDC Alexander Afenyo-Markin
Alexander Afenyo-Markin

Alexander Afenyo-Markin, Member of Parliament for Effutu and Majority Leader, has cautioned Ghanaians about the risks of electing a failed former President John Dramani Mahama.

Speaking on Joy News' AM Show on Monday, May 27, monitored by, Afenyo-Markin urges voters to consider candidates' track records before making a decision.

He explained that raising concerns about a candidate's past performance is not done with ill intentions but serves as a necessary reminder of past failures. "We are going into a competition, and in that competition, yesterday’s failure is the one coming up to say, 'You see they could not perform, so give me the chance,'" Afenyo-Markin stated.

He argued that it is crucial to inform voters about the potential consequences of electing a candidate with a poor track record. "It’s important to remind those who are going to take the decision that this man who claims, 'Give me the chance,' cannot do it better. For that one, we need to make that point clear. We can no longer keep quiet. It doesn’t mean that if we say so, we are saying so in bad faith," he said.

Afenyo-Markin described the alternative to the current government as "scary" and "worse," stressing the need for voters to be aware of the potential dangers of voting for the former President. "It is important that you remind the decision makers that the alternative is scary. The alternative is worse," he concluded.

Daniel Owusu
Daniel Owusu

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