Mon, 27 May 2024 Feature Article

Shaky politics never succeeds in the end

Shaky politics never succeeds in the end

In African democracies party membership or affiliation to a certain rotating political party is a way out of unemployment and poverty, a road ahead for four or eight years to get contracts awarded by the President. In developed Western countries like Germany, the motivation to join a political party is out of frustration about the current state of affairs, the need to form a new alternative, or genuine concern about certain personal matters. When in higher places of politics even as MPs, Ministers, or heads of state politics becomes a matter of connection valuable for future purposes to stay relevant and make good money. Enthusiasm is replaced by a chessboard mentality.

Political leaders rise to the top of politics mostly out of a combination of being ruthless inside the political party or being seen by strong men who do not want to stand in the first row as useful puppets for their agendas. Political powers in the hands of simple-minded people who have become politicians are a dangerous tool in the hands of the voters, the constitutional sovereign of any nation on paper while the constitutional reality is a different ball game altogether.

To speak the truth in any political party when it stands against the views and personalities at the top is needed and honesty is mostly rewarded with neglect, attack, or sidelined as not helpful to win the next election, the honey pot for each democratically elected political party. Networks of internal affiliation are more important than the pure honest mind with a great vision and contribution.

On election day part members can demonstrate their strength and sovereignty or weakness to run with the herd of sheep. When they still think their party membership is justified as manifestos and pledges come and go so party leaders but the party will still stand after tsunamis in their parties they must question themselves whether or not it is still honest, right, and needed to vote for the party and their candidates. These responsible voters see when they do not vote for their parties other parties will take over.

A married man each day has to make compromises in his marriage and when employed so at his workplace. Each man (and woman alike) looks each morning into the mirror before starting the day. When he can stand up to himself and love himself unconditionally the day will be a wonderful moment in his life. Any shaky compromise will disturb his peace and he will not be able to look at his face in the mirror again freely. He must choose between his consciousness and political tactics. Politics is like waves in the ocean while consciousness is the basis not only of honesty but of personality and integrity.

God looks for people not to taste of society and political parties but to his taste. He knows what will be tomorrow and which personalities he needs by then. Despite the criticism of some of my students and as an SPD party member I made my ballot papers (mail voting) for this year's EU and local Hamburg parliament invalid. As head of a polling station, I stand for the German Constitution and the country as much as I stand for the integrity of my character. I know I still love the face I see every morning in the mirror and my wife the way she is.