Sun, 26 May 2024 Feature Article

Democracy has a big party in Germany

Democracy has a big party in Germany

Today French President Macron and German President Steinmeier (26.05.2024) together in Berlin celebrate 75 years of the German Constitution. Politicians talk about the need to defend democracy in the light of right-wing parties, Reichsbuerger movement, and the resignation of old and especially young voters highlighting the disadvantages of democracy while at the same time unable to draw up a better system, a new alternative.

The youth has seen parties that stand in their manifestos and set up to perform politics against the established parties only to realize that in parliament power corrupts them and they become the same old establishment in a new colorful dress. Real change does not happen for them.

Three main factors make it hard for democratically elected politicians to rally the masses behind them and let them have hope for a brighter future. The process of decision-making in a democratic setting is too long, time-wasting, nerve-wracking, and in the end losing out in the process of the competitiveness of globalization. These long processes are not cost-effective but in large parts a money-killing machine.

Secondly, no fundamental changes are implemented to ensure precious taxpayers' money is not wasted. Annually the Black Book of the Association of German Taxpayers BdSt is published. These volumes list public projects for which public money was wasted. The annual ritual comes with no consequences except for the annual laughter and headshakes. Since 1973, the time of the first Black Book, annually the BdSt complains about Billions of Euros each year lost. No personal responsibility is taken, no political consequences are seen, and no justice is done to the Taxpayers, no structural changes. It is seen as an unfortunate consequence of the wheel of democracy. No party inside or outside the political system in Germany is promoting a change of events.

While democracy in Africa is the exploitation of the new political elite to loot the nation in e.g. Germany politicians form a network among themselves and outside with corporations and organizations to make good use of their active positions in the parliamentary system. Our political system has become increasingly sophisticated and complex. While traditionally the ministerial bureaucracy drafted bills for MPs to vote on in our society today companies or their specialized associations have taken over this part. This development has led to widespread lobbyism operating in the shadow of democracy. Politicians from all parties prepare themselves for the time after politics to jump into the money-making machines.

Their "objectivity" towards the power players in the system has become very questionable. Former German Foreign Secretary Joshka Fischer (The Green) and Hamburg Mayor Ole von Beust (CDU) have both their consultancy firms earning Millions of broker Euros for the e.g. Elbtower now a bankrupt project to be completed possibly by taxpayers money only or a combination out of private and public funding and subsidies.

This Wednesday voters of South Africa head to the polls. The disappointed youth hesitates to vote seeing no sense in it. They are disappointed and disillusioned by the ANC politics. Half of the youth is out of work and deep into depression. They say democracy is not working for Africa (ntv TV Auslandsreport, 26.05.2024, 11:49 am). They know the truth on the ground, not the ideas we whites have in the comfort of our homes and social security networks. They feel the hunger in their stomachs and anger in their hands. The toolbox of politics must bring out the right concept and system that can help a nation well at a certain time in its development.

So, tonight when Macron and Steinmeier celebrate 75 years of German democracy and the German constitution let their glasses of Champagne toast to better systems for Germany and South Africa.