John Mahama was the worst president in Africa

Feature Article John Mahama was the worst president in Africa

Former President John Dramani Mahama, currently the NDC presidential candidate, in my honest estimation, was the worst president ever to rule Ghana and by far the worst president in Africa.

A man who self-claims to have difficulty taking a decision by, and for, himself, since his infancy until the day he made that statement, is indeed a total misfit to occupy the presidency of Ghana, if I were to be frank with him.

Is he not the one who said he suffers from the “dead goat” syndrome hence he is unfeeling towards any plight Ghanaians go through, or will go through? How can a president making such preposterous statements without regard to the timing and prevailing conditions be the best president ever to be given to Ghana, let alone, Africa, by God?

Whoever the writer publishing a feature article claiming John Mahama to be the best president in Africa must be sick in his mind. Does he not know the alleged dubious involvement of John Mahama, the Number 1 government official in Ghana, in the Airbus saga?

What about the purchase of the Brazilian Embraer aircraft for which late President Atta Mills ordered him to be investigated? How can such a seeming crook be the best president in Africa? Tell me, o ye sycophantic, puppet and bootlicker writer for the NDC and John Mahama.

A president who on the eve of his exit from power illegally signed to lease 75% of the Nyinahini bauxite deposit to his brother, Ibrahim Mahama, without parliamentary approval, is indeed the worst president ever to be bestowed on Ghana and Africa in general.

A person who believes in perpetration and perpetuation of illegalities and violence because he fortunately or unfortunately belongs to NDC, a political party whose parent was born out of violence, cannot in any day or time be the best president but rather the worst president in Africa.

It will be an insult to the intelligence of President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, the late President John Pombe Joseph Magufuli of Tanzania and the current Head of State of Burkina Faso, Interim President Capt. Ibrahim Traoré, to hear that John Mahama is claimed within some circles in Ghana to be the best president in Africa.

A presidential candidate who promises to introduce a 24-Hour Economy in Ghana and use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to fight illegal small scale and alluvial mining (galamsey) but does not understand such policies, can never be the best but rather, the worst, president ever to be born in Africa.

Ghana will be doomed to have John Dramani Mahama back at the presidency again.

I cannot understand him for his lies and shallow mindedness as well as his infatuation with corruption and support for violence.

All those who see John Mahama as the best president ever to emerge from Africa are all sick in their mind, the no-nonsense and proud and fearless son of Kumawu/Asiampa soil has spoken.

If you disagree with me, I am available to engage you in intellectual debate, or you can choose to go and burn the sea, for that the writer cares.

That Afrane guy writing copiously in support of John Mahama and claiming him to be the best president in Africa is himself equally dishonest, corrupt, and fake as his master.

I am taking the fight for justice and truth for Ghana to the very doorsteps of the NDC guys that are averse to the truth but love wallowing in pools of lies.