Sun, 26 May 2024 Feature Article

The Illusion of a 24-Hour Economy: NDC's Questionable Flagship Policy for 2024

The Illusion of a 24-Hour Economy: NDC's Questionable Flagship Policy for 2024

The Illusion of a 24-Hour Economy: NDC's Questionable Flagship Policy for 2024

The primary flagship policy of the NDC going into the 2024 elections is a 24-hour economy. Although Mahama first appeared uncertain about this idea, the NDC may have adopted it as a cornerstone of their campaign after constant requests for clarity. Important NDC members have offered several justifications, and the party's communication team has released briefings outlining the plan. Though Mahama made early declarations about improving security and encouraging the private sector to take part, current events indicate that the program is more of a politically driven campaign pledge than a workable strategy.

The NDC has dubbed this approach "obiaa bedidi," which translates to "everyone will be fed." They say it will give young people jobs, with some working in the morning and others in the evening, therefore guaranteeing complete employment through a rotating work regime. That assertion is false and unjustified, nevertheless. Though Mahama may have a decent idea, the manner it is being portrayed is dishonest and merely propaganda.

Considering how little or nonexistent demand there is for many government services right now, the government cannot realistically hire more people for its many agencies. Without matching demand, no government is encouraged to impose a rotational work schedule. Ghana also lacks the businesses and manufacturing required to generate the jobs the NDC pledges. Ghana has an economy that depends heavily on imports; hence this dependence will not go away easily.

Important questions are yet unsolved: Considering the great demand for their services, how many private businesses are prepared to put in place a shift system? Are these businesses driven enough by incentives? Will they be ready to abide by changes in labour legislation, such as shift workers receiving hourly pay?

If not for political reasons, the NDC should not be endorsing the 24-hour economy as their main agenda. The NDC knows that such a policy cannot be supported by Ghana's erratic economy. The false promise that 'everyone will be fed' jeopardizes the nation's future development. The NDC is trying to polish a policy that is out of step with the realities of Ghana's economy in its pursuit of power. Unfortunately, some intellectuals back this approach because they believe they can profit from the NDC.