Ambulance case: AG has no intention of conducting fair prosecution – Justice Srem-Sai

  Sat, 25 May 2024
Headlines Ambulance case: AG has no intention of conducting fair prosecution  Justice Srem-Sai

Justice Srem-Sai, a private legal practitioner, has expressed grave concerns over the intentions of the Attorney-General (AG), Godfred Yeboah Dame, in conducting a fair prosecution in the ongoing Ambulance purchase trial.

This comes after the Office of the Attorney-General and Ministry of Justice revealed that they have been under significant pressure from various individuals to discontinue the ambulance purchase trial.

This was followed by the release of plea bargain details of the third accused.

Richard Jakpa, the third accused earlier made allegations in court that Mr Dame had approached him several times, seeking his help to implicate Minority Leader, Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson.

The AG in a statement mentioned that the third defendant had requested plea bargaining through a series of letters, which has not been accepted.

In an interview on The Big Issue on Citi TV on Saturday, Mr Srem-Sai strongly disagreed with the notion that plea bargaining implied admission of guilt, as was being communicated by the AG.

He stated that the AG’s actions showed that he had no intention of conducting a fair prosecution.

“The whole office of AG on the letterhead of AG who understands the essence of plea bargaining and knows very well that an application for plea bargaining is not an admission of guilt and indeed it is actually without prejudice yet was able to put on a press statement saying that in fact that it is indeed the accused person rather who was trying to influence him and the evidence of this alleged influence is an application for plea bargaining.”

“It didn’t end there, just after the press statement was issued we saw copies of the plea bargaining documents application between the accused person’s lawyers and the AG flying in the media.

“Who released those things, you could see stamps of the AG on them, what it tells you is that the AG has no intention of actually conducting a fair prosecution…that is an unfair practice,” he noted.