Ghanaian lady missing after visiting friends in Nigeria

  Sat, 25 May 2024
Social News Celine Ndidum and Afiba Abigail Tandoh
Celine Ndidum and Afiba Abigail Tandoh

The Nigeria Police Force is facing mounting pressure to locate the whereabout of a young Ghanaian lady who mysteriously disappeared after venturing to the country with her companion.

The disquieting case revolves around Afiba Abigail Tandoh, whose whereabouts remain shrouded in uncertainty following her journey to Nigeria accompanied by her Nigerian friend, Celine Ndidum.

There are strong suspicion that Afiba might have fallen into the hands of kidnappers in the Nigerian commercial city of Aba in Abia State.

Afiba Abigail Tandoh, identifiable by her passport number G3907849, embarked on the trip alongside Celine Ndidum, her Nigerian friend with the intention of attending a friend’s wedding in Nigeria.

However, distressingly, Afiba’s presence became elusive after landing in the country, prompting widespread concern and concerted search efforts to ascertain her well-being.

The wedding ceremony was apparently called off, with the Ghanaian lady decision to engage in other business activities where she allegedly met her waterloo.

Information available to DGN Online shed light on the intricate sequence of events leading up to Afiba’s sudden disappearance.

Following the unexpected cancellation of the wedding they intended to attend, both Afiba and Celine rendezvoused with another acquaintance, Adiani Blessing Onyinye, whose wedding was calledvoff at Garden Heights Estate in GRA, Port Harcourt on April 19, 2024.

Subsequently, the pair undertook a journey to meet Celine’s associate in Aba, Abia State, on April 27, 2024, purportedly regarding a business engagement centered around pet-related ventures—an area of expertise for the Ghanaian visitor. Promising to return by April 29, Afiba and Celine were last seen at Panyu Hotel and Resort in Abia before their presence became alarmingly absent from public view.

Concern over the fate of the two women escalated dramatically when, on Sunday, April 28, reports emerged hinting at a possible abduction scenario.

An urgent message sent via WhatsApp from Afiba Tandoh phone included a live location marker, directing the recipient—a mutual contact in Port Harcourt—to alert the authorities promptly. In response to this distress call, the matter was swiftly relayed to the Aba Anti Kidnapping Squad, urging collaborative efforts with the esteemed Nigeria Police Force to expedite search and rescue actions in the pursuit of locating the missing individuals.

Amidst the uncertainty surrounding Afiba Abigail Tandoh’s inexplicable vanishing act in a foreign land, familial distress and official apprehension heighten the urgency to unravel the circumstances underpinning this distressing disappearance.

As waves of speculation ripple through the Ghanaian community, the imperative to track down Afiba and her companion underscores the gravity of safeguarding individuals crossing borders and the vital role law enforcement plays in responding decisively to such poignant cases of missing persons.

—DGN online