When one name stands out in Ghana

Feature Article When one name stands out in Ghana

When it comes to the area of infrastructure development, one name that stands out in Ghana is

that of H.E. John Dramani Mahama, a former president who dedicated his career to improving the infrastructure of his country.

His achievements in infrastructure development go far beyond just the physical structures he helped to build. Through his hard work and dedication, Mahama did not only improve the physical infrastructure of Ghana, but also enhanced the overall quality of life for the people of Ghana, and his legacy will continue to have a lasting impact on our country for years to come.

In the area of healthcare infrastructure for example, Mahama was driven by a vision to ensure that every Ghanaian had access to adequate healthcare facilities. He believed that by investing in hospitals and medical infrastructure, the country could not only improve the health outcomes of its citizens, but also foster a sense of national unity and pride.

These hospitals were not just bricks and mortar, but symbols of progress and modernity, signaling the young man from Bole's commitment to the well-being of the people of Ghana; and also stand as evidence to his foresight and dedication to improving the lives of his fellow countrymen.

As we look to the future, we must remember the impact of the legacy of President Mahama and strive to uphold his vision of a better Ghana.

And as we go to the polls in December, which he is contesting as the presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress, we should not forget his pledge to complete all unfinished projects within a year of returning to office, including those initiated by the New Patriotic Party government, and his vision for a transformative economic policy – the "Mahama 24-Hour Economy," as a solution to the current economic downturn in the country.

Anthony Obeng Afrane