What are the actual initiated and executed national projects by John Dramani Mahama?

Feature Article What are the actual initiated and executed national projects by John Dramani Mahama?

Watching a video yesterday, Monday, 20 May 2024, in which the Finance and Economic Minister under the late President Professor Evans Fiifi Atta Mills, Dr Kwabena Duffour, was granting an interview to a journalist/broadcaster, I was shocked to learn about certain revelations.

All along, the NDC and their flag bearer-cum-presidential candidate John Dramani Mahama, have been telling Ghanaians about their achievements in terms of national infrastructural developments initiated and executed by John Dramani Mahama. Their claims make it appear as though the late President Atta Mills for all his two years or so as president of Ghana, did neither initiate, nor carry out, even a single project in Ghana until his unfortunate mysterious passing.

Dr Kwabena Duffour mentioned many projects including the Komenda Sugar Factory as some of the projects initiated and or, executed, by the late President Atta Mills. However, the NDC have all along been attributing such projects to John Dramani Mahama to the complete exclusion of any mention of Professor Mills, making him appear as though he did fuck all the while that he was president of Ghana.

Why should it have to take Dr Kwabena Duffour to let Ghanaians know that President Mills indeed initiated and or, carried out some projects of which the NDC for some unexplained reasons, although malicious of course, have denied him recognition or attribution?

Dr Duffour as the finance minister, did sign to approve some of the payments for such projects as were authorised by the president. Again, he helped with the resourcing of finance or loans for some of the projects as were authorised by President Mills.

Have Ghanaians now seen and confirmed the many lies the NDC always tell to throw dust into our eyes or to confuse us to accept their lies for truth?

Messrs Allotey Jacobs and Koku Anyidoho, both once powerful members of NDC, have for all these past few years been telling Ghanaians that NDC are overflowing with lies. Subsequently, if the NDC tell us that something is white, we should take it for black and the vice versa because telling the truth is anathema to them but lies.

Could this not explain why they inundated their “Green Book” informing the nation of their realised developmental projects with fake and non-existing projects that were never found when curious citizens decided to carry out verifications?

Do I have to wonder about the fact NDC are a bunch of liars? Has John Mahama not himself said that he will tell his audience lies during electioneering campaign provided that will turn their hearts toward him to vote for him?

Fellow Ghanaians don’t let us continue to be deceived by John Mahama and his NDC folks. They have nothing better to offer the nation except throwing dust into people’s eyes, claiming to be the originators of other people’s projects, ideas, and policies.

For how long will Ghanaians continue to accept the lies by NDC for the truth?

NDC, please give Professor Mills his due and stop arrogating the credit due him to John Mahama.

How can someone unable to take decisions himself right from his infancy until today come up with the projects carried out in the name of, and by, NDC, as found in the country? This goes to confirm the assertion by Dr Duffour that most of the projects credited to Mahama by NDC were rather initiated by Professor Atta Mills.

John Mahama and NDC have been exposed big time!

More revelations to come from the few honest members within the NDC party to expose the lies and shallowness of Mr Mahama and his bandwagon of liars.

Dr Bawumia is by far better in innovations helpful for advancing the nation than John Dramani Mahama, the known destructive criticiser.

Dr Bawumia all the way to the presidency to do more for Ghana. IT IS POSSIBLE by Mr Digital!

Rockson Adofo