Pentecost 2024: the sea gets divided again

Feature Article Pentecost 2024: the sea gets divided again

Germans celebrate Pentecost (19./20.05.2024) again reflecting on the ancient days and current events. Pharaoh run after Moses and the Israelites to push them against the Red Sea. God divided and opened the Red Sea as an escape route for his people to safety. The Egyptians drowned in the Red Sea as God closed the passageway again.

History never repeats itself but always comes back in a different form. Last week the US built a pier to bring much-needed rescue items into Gaza even opening of more or all entry points into Gaza would not only have helped the USA to save up to $ 300 Mio. in building a lifeline into Gaza to rescue the Palestinians but ensured that the sea is not divided again in form of this pier. Innocent Palestinian civilians get killed, like innocent Israelis, and are asked to flee Rafah. They are pushed along the seafront into hostile territory to clear the way for the intended ground offense to end Hamas finally as said by the IDF and promised by PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

The current situation has many significant parallels to the historical events that we know in the Bible and remember today.

As a young student working as a volunteer in the Kibbutz Ginegar near Nazareth (1981, three months) and Ein Ziwan in Golan Heights (1982, three months) I always asked myself is a people capable of treating enemies differently who suffered as much as the Jews in their history or are we all humans that all take to the same weapons and strategies? And if we do not learn our lessons will God deal with us like Moses when he acknowledged his people disappointed him and blessed Joshua for him to take over? We all know the Israelites had to walk around the promised land for another forty years before God granted them entry.

The question must be asked do the Israelites in their prayers ask God to forgive their enemies and bring back the hostages and an end to Hamas but spare innocent civilians and their little children or do they listen to their generals and politicians? Do they think that this war and the way they fight it will find mercy and grace before God to receive his blessings or do they decide without praying to God? If they can convince people to believe God himself has told them to fight the way they fight Athiest will run and say: "Look, we always knew it. There is no merciful God. We knew it all those while."

The US pier divides the sea to rescue the people of God.