Ghanaians/The NDC, Mustn’t Rely On Peace Council And Henry Quartey’s Advice About The EC

Feature Article Ghanaians/The NDC, Mustn’t Rely On Peace Council And Henry Quartey’s Advice About The EC

This week, the Peace Council reassured Ghanaians not to worry and to have faith in the Electoral Commission. Mr. Henry Quartey, the Regional Minister for Greater Accra, also stated that "the NPP will hand over power if the NDC wins the 2024 elections." Considering that most Ghanaians would rather believe lies than the truth, do they think that Ghanaians should believe their claims?

The National Peace Council of Ghana is an independent statutory national peace institution, established by the eight hundred and eighteenth (818) Act of the Parliament of the Republic of Ghana, according to “Wikipedia.” Among its objectives are establishing and coordinating conflict prevention, management, and resolution through networking and coordination, as well as increasing awareness of the use of non-violent strategies to prevent, manage, and resolve conflict and build sustainable peace in the nation.

Sadly, it is evident that the Peace Council has failed Ghanaians, failing to provide them with the solace and confidence they need to weather the most stormy period of their country's political history under the most infamous and criminal regime ever led by Akufo Addo and Bawumia. Many Ghanaians have publicly lambasted the National Peace Council for falling short of its goals and enabling extensive, lawless corruption and money laundering to bring further destruction to a once-rich country.

The Peace Council was taken aback by the lies and fabrications spread about Mahama, including corruption and incompetency, to criticize the NDC government during the height of Ghana’s economic prosperity and when businesses were flourishing all across the country. Nevertheless, today, they see nothing wrong with the abuse of the Constitution and the threat to Ghana’s democracy, with treasonous remarks such as "the NPP will not hand over power to the NDC," which calls for violence.

The NPP administration shot and killed eight unarmed voters in 2020, but all the families of the victims received in their quest for justice was that the deceased were criminals. Even though the current government is the most criminal in Ghana's political history, involved in widespread corruption and money laundering, neither the Peace Council nor the Christian Council voiced worry over the impact of corruption, which has taken a drastic toll on Ghana’s infrastructure.

The Peace Council has now come out to assure "Ghanaians that they should have confidence in the EC" in response to pressure over their incompetence and inability to speak out against the crime and violence organized by the Akufo Addo-Bawumia government, which has caused the collapse of the country's economy, businesses, and investments. In the same week, Mr. Henry Quartey, the Regional Minister for Greater Accra, declared, "The government will hand over power if the NDC wins the election."

Ghanaians may believe that Henry Quartey and the Peace Council are doing an excellent job of securing both peace and public confidence. In my view, that is not the case. The two statements are behind false concepts intended to make Ghanaians and the NDC less resistant to electoral fraud. The Peace Council and Henry Quartey are giving false assurances to deceive Ghanaians and the NDC to relax without fighting or taking preventive stands against vote rigging, buying, and other electoral frauds.

I would like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to the Minority for quitting Parliament in protest of Akufo Addo's NPP politician appointments. Since the NDC is the party that most Ghanaians are relying on for transformation, they blame them for everything that goes wrong in the nation, together with the NPP. Finally, I want to make it clear to Ghanaians and the opposition that all of them should unite to remove this disastrous NPP administration from power.