Thu, 16 May 2024 Feature Article

Ghana: double-minded opportunistic country?

Ghana: double-minded opportunistic country?

Ghana's President Nana Akufo-Addo has welcomed this week the great and renowned African American famous singer Steve Wonder. No doubt this outstanding singer of African descent needs to be praised and honored.

For Ghana, Steve Wonder is not only important to be associated with as a great singer but also as a black singer. Colour in this case matters. Instead of making him an honorary Ambassador of Ghana for which Ghanaian citizenship is not required he was made a Ghanaian citizen (13.06.2024) right away. As such certainly, he will speak for Ghana and promote the country. According to Wikipedia, he was born in the USA and married several women none of whom were born in Ghana as indicated.

His many children from various women show his African heritage but no information is provided that he ever lived in Ghana or contributed to outstanding activities in and for Ghana. His links to Ghana seem more of a mystery. Fame seems what attracts the President of Ghana to Steve Wonder. National Statistics in coming years will unveil the financial benefits to the nation Ghana of this generous move.

As a German, I lived in Ghana from March 2012 to December 2017. My company with a Ghanaian partner resided at the Circle in Accra until the disaster of June 2015. The now inactive company is located in Kokolemle near New Town. I came to buy CPC Ltd in Tema to bring Ghana into the Champion League of Chocolate Producers. Instead as documented several times on social media our funds provided by Asian investors got stolen and the lives of my wife and I, and my two African partners on the ground were threatened to be cut short. For two months we all hid in cheap hotels or Lome.

I married my Ashanti wife Alberta in 2013, at Nungua Barrier Registrar and with a traditional wedding in Kumasi. During my time in Ghana, I interacted with many white people even some Germans. They had lived and worked in Ghana for years but never received the offer of a Ghana citizenship. Some, like Germans in those days not allowed to hold dual citizenship (which has previously changed) might have rejected the offer while at least to offer it would have been the right gesture, and after all, some might have accepted it. Without offering it Ghana would have never known. Others could have accepted it with no issues involved.

My humble question: are foreigners (white people!) who work hard in Ghana and have close ties like family in the country fools while others like Steve Wonder only must have glamour around them to receive Ghanaian citizenship? Can it be that Ghana has two strange faces? I wonder!