Thu, 16 May 2024 Cybercrime

Not All Victims Of Fraud Are Controlled With Magic Power -Rotimi Onadipe

By Rotimi Onadipe ll Contributor
Not All Victims Of Fraud Are Controlled With Magic Power -Rotimi Onadipe

Contrary to the belief of many people that internet fraudsters use magic power to control unsuspecting victims to give their hard-earned money to them, a prominent advocate of internet safety, Rotimi Onadipe, has explained that not all fraudsters use magic power on their victims. He added that the problem most people have is that they are easily convinced when they receive some documents from fraudsters.

Rotimi Onadipe is an expert in internet abuse and cybercrime prevention. He is a committed advocate of internet safety and CEO of Internet Safety Magazine. Through his various educative articles, he has emphasized the vital role that education and awareness play in preventing cyber crimes and other unethical practices associated with the use of smartphone.

While addressing the public on Saturday in Ibadan at the 108th edition of his organisation's broadcast on cyber safety education which took place at the secretariat of his organisation, Onadipe noted that cyber criminals now use AI generated videos, audios, fake bank transaction receipts, fake bank alert, ID card, driver's licence, international passport and other fake documents to convince unsuspecting victims and collect their hard-earned money from them.

Onadipe noted: "It's not all fraudsters that use charms to manipulate their victims. I am aware that some fraudsters and cyber criminals use magic power on their victims but it is not all victims that are controlled with magic power. Many of these fraudsters are experts in forging sensitive documents. Some of them go as far as sending forged documents to their victims in any part of the world through reputable courier companies."

"The fraudsters prefer to use popular and reputable courier companies to send forged documents to their victims in order to convince them that the business proposal or transaction is genuine," Onadipe added.

Onadipe warned members of the public not to believe that a business proposal or transaction is genuine because they receive some convincing documents online or through any reputable courier company.

He said: "Thousands of unsuspecting victims have received such forged documents online and via reputable courier companies and later discovered the fraudsters only used those courier companies to facilitate and perfect their fraudulent business proposals,"

"I was privy to a particular case of a victim I counseled some years ago. He received some forged documents from fraudsters and was convinced by those documents. He then borrowed huge amount of money and gave it to the fraudsters. After he discovered it was a scam, he developed some health problems and later died.

"Don't fall for the scam. It is better to be safe than sorry. Besides using charms to control their victims, fraudsters have become more advanced to the extent that they can forge any document to back up their fraudulent activities. Be informed that all they are interested in is your hard-earned money and they are ready to go any length to get you any document that will make them to achieve their aim," Onadipe added.