Prof. Samuel Ato Duncan cautions Ghanaians against misrepresentation of COA Mixture on the market

By Beyonce Diamond Kpogli
Health Prof. Samuel Ato Duncan
Prof. Samuel Ato Duncan

Professor Samuel Ato Duncan, the President General of COA Research & Manufacturing Limited Company (COA-RMLC) has expressed concern over individuals exploiting the COA brand for their products, falsely claiming similarities and misrepresenting affiliations with COA-RMLC.

According to him, the recent concerns raised by the public indicate that individuals are exploiting the COA brand to promote and sell their products.

He said these individuals approach their customers, claiming their products mirror the benefits of COA Mixture.

“Some even fabricate stories about receiving training from Professor Duncan himself, implying that they have the same exclusive formula. They often lure customers with the promise of similar results at a lower price," he said.

Professor Samuel Ato Duncan who was speaking at a press conference on May 14, stated categorically that the COA formula is unique and highly confidential. Only one individual has complete knowledge of the production process. Saying the formula has never been shared with any third party.

He therefore urged the valued customers, to be wary of such misleading claims.

"Don’t be deceived by these ploys. COA Mixture, produced with the utmost care and the strictest quality controls, is readily available through authorized distributors," Prof. Samuel Ato Duncan.

He continued, “We understand that some consumers have raised concerns about the pricing of COA products. Let’s delve into the factors at play. Since its official registration in 2016, COA Mixture has consistently retailed for GHS100. While inflation has undoubtedly risen over the past seven years, we have chosen to absorb those costs. Why?

This to him, they are inspired by the countless positive testimonials they receive from their users. Additionally, they view COA Mixture as a valuable resource for global well-being, and we want it to be accessible to all.

Prof. Duncan furthered that it’s important to acknowledge COA, as the manufacturer, doesn’t solely control the final price consumers pay. Some distributors may need to adjust prices slightly to cover their own operational costs.

He said when such instances come to their attention, they work collaboratively with their distributors to ensure fair and reasonable pricing across the board.COA Plus Mixture caters specifically to immune system support and is positioned as a premium product.

Pilot Queen Princess Duncan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of COA Research and Manufacturing Limited Company said COA Research and Manufacturing Limited is committed to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. To extant they have built their reputation on trust, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

She said COA will make efforts to combat the misuse of the brand and ensure that customers receive the quality products and services they deserve. “We are working closely with the relevant authorities to ensure that our brand is protected, and our customers are not misled,” she said.