Wed, 15 May 2024 Feature Article

Dr Bawumia outperforms John Mahama in everything except corruption

Dr Bawumia outperforms John Mahama in everything except corruption

Dr Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia, the big brain, is an innovator aside being a brilliant academic. He is not nicknamed Dr Digital for nothing but for several good reasons.

Has he not made travelling around the country in general and our cities in particular, much easier by his introduced digital address system that facilitates the work of taxi drivers using the Global Positioning System (GPS) devices?

What about digitalising the locating of government sponsored/implemented projects without much sweat, only sitting behind your personal computer, or using your smart phone, then going out to verify them if you are that curious?

John Mahama came out with a Green Book to attempt to prove the achievements of his NDC government but most of the projects in the book turned out to be non-existent. They were fake.

Dr Bawumia teamed up with President Akufo-Addo to produce brilliant policies and social intervention programmes that although, have come under constant attacks by the malicious NDC folks.

What innovative ideas has John Mahama brought to the table, or introduced in the country? None, or a few?

He is only best at lying and destructive criticisms of his political opponents; always devising plans to sabotage them.

While Dr Bawumia is like the white men that build things, John Mahama by his despicable character is compared to black men that dismantle what the white people have mounted or built.

In everything good, you will see Dr Bawumia excelling whereas John Mahama shines in bad things that impede the progress of Ghana as a nation.

Anything having to do with corruption that obstructs the development of Ghana, Mr Mahama’s face appears. When he loses election, he gathers his NDC bandits to embark on public demonstrations in the hope of robbing the winner of their victory crown.

While Mr Digital will back his Supreme Court suit with evidential pink sheet documents, John Mahama and his NDC will go to the Supreme Court without any proofs but barehanded yet expect to win their case.

Compare the level of intelligence of both persons to tell which one among them is fit to rule Ghana. Approach my request with fair mind, o, ye public reader.

The economic challenges facing Ghana is not peculiar to her but a worldwide phenomenon. However, I don’t condone but rather condemn the perceived, if not glaring, corruption, within the NPP government, although the NDC are the same if not worse.

I will in any day any time campaign for, and support, the visionary Dr Bawumia but not the populist liar John Mahama.

Had Mr Mahama not said himself that he will lie to Ghanaians during electioneering campaign if that could turn the hearts of his audience toward him to vote for him?

How do we support such a liar to come and rule us if we were not fools, excuse my French!

Let us go for Dr Bawumia to do more for us. IT IS POSSIBLE!

The negative cyclical 8-year rotation of power-baton between the NDC and NPP will be broken this year by the grace of God!

Rockson Adofo