Lawyer advise chiefs, religious leaders to prioritize employment in their communities

By Nicholas Tetteh II Contributor II Eastern Region
Social News Lawyer advise chiefs, religious leaders to prioritize employment in their communities

Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Ghana, Lawyer Christian Lawerh Anim has urged chiefs and religious leaders in Ada to act as prominent figures in curbing unemployment among their subjects to ensure community development.

He asserted that the chief's and religious leaders' role in ensuring employment among their subjects avert the hike and strong desire for material gain and other forms of lewd acts eminent among the youth, in particular, plying their way in society.

The young lawyer made the call as a guest speaking at a conference dubbed “chieftaincy; the role of a chief or queen mother in restoring the lost glory of a state and its communities” held at Green Height Hotel, Kasseh in the Ada East District of Greater Accra Region.

According to him, many of the idle youth in the communities engage in every available opportunity to survive for not being employed citing organ harvesting and sperm and egg donation as the most detrimental to their health.

He mentioned, “The youth of our time are in haste to make money and acquire properties. They are ready to engage in any activity provided they will get money. They can’t wait to go through the process of learning a trade or going through former education. Some of the activities the youth are engaging in for quick money include, drug trafficking, selling Sex videos, nude pictures, scamming of people, money rituals, robbery, and stealing.”

The new lawyer explained that in the absence of a job, the youth become more active on notable social media handles making them addicted to obscene materials where some sell their nude pictures and videos for money.

Lawyer Christian who works with Ahiator Law Consultancy epitomized the exact role of chiefs and the church in curbing these threats and challenges in the youth saying, the leaders must guide and mentor the youth, foster a sense of community and belongingness, provide scholarship packages, offer emotional support and counseling to the youth.

Lawyer Christian Lawerh Anim who was called to the Bar in October 2023, entreated the chief to desist from chieftaincy crashes and pastors to use their pulpit to foster unity among the youth for community development.

He also appealed to the Ada Traditional Council to expedite steps to halt chieftaincy disputes in communities in Ada ensuring that the right persons are affirmed at their outfit.

“When was the last time you as the chief organized a durbar in your community and talked about education? When was the last time the church organized a program dubbed Education Week or set a day or week in the church calendar purposely to talk about the need to get educated with a passion for the youth to see our commitment to education?” he quizzed.

Lawyer Christian Anim, the Human Resource Manager at Ada College of Education in the Ada East District has therefore admonished the chiefs and church leaders to prioritize the education of the youth in all their activities and introduce scholarships for youth from their communities in various institutions.

Directing the attention of the chiefs and the religious leaders to develop the youth agenda, he unraveled that the youth are not happy seeing the churches building huge auditoriums while less is done about the brilliant students in the church compelling the young ladies to survive on having affairs with married men to get money to pay their fees.

Lawyer Christian Lawerh Anim concluded his speech with a simple thought for the leaders to cogitate on: “I want to end by saying that, for how long do you want generations to remember you that you were once a leader of the community or the church? How many families can smile for many years to come when your name is mentioned?”