Bill Maher’s Tax Dollars Are Very Likely Funding the “Satanyahu” War Machine

Feature Article William Maher is an American comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and television host.
William Maher is an American comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and television host.

The Fox News story captioned “Bill Maher Slams Biden for Using His Tax Dollars to Fund Campus ‘Jew-Hating’ with Student Loan Plan: ‘So Incensed,’” which appears in the May 4, 2024 edition of the New York Post, amused this writer in no small measure, primarily because the newsmaker and subject of this column, as usual, decided to play fast-and-loose with the real and the true story of the founding and the creation and the development of Modern American Civilization, as it has come to be officially and canonically known since the 1400s. Which, succinctly summarized, is deeply and heavily underlain by unpaid Continental African Labor, and not Jewish Tax Dollars, as the pathologically self-absorbed host of the “Real Time” talking-heads television show, afore-referenced above, namely, Mr. William “Bill” Maher, would have America and the rest of the Global Community believe.

It is also immitigably farcical and downright preposterous for a self-infatuated Mr. Maher to so scandalously and facilely presume that each and every one of the Pro-Palestinian Protesters is a Jew-Hating Non-Jew or Gentile, in the Semitic-Supremacist Concept of the term. If the critic had been paying studious attention to the news, the hip-shooting comedian would have long realized from the beginning of the multicampus-wide and nationwide Anti-Israel Protest Demonstrations that a remarkable percentage of the protesters are college professors, administrators and very well-educated professionals from all walks of life and shades of racial, ethnic and ideological suasions, including a significant number of Jewish-descended students and prominent politicians and community activists and socially responsible leaders and citizens.

It is therefore rather simplistic, to the extent of the patently imbecilic, for the host of “Real Time” to presume that each and every one of the protesting participants against the Netanyahu Slaughter of the Palestinians on the Gaza Strip and the West Bank (to a lesser degree) – which is really what the entire global spread of these protest demonstrations are unarguably and incontrovertibly about – is, perforce, a Jewish–Hating Gentile. Now, what is also indisputably clear here is the fact that Mr. Maher and the charlatanic likes of Ms. Kellyanne Conway, the sometime Trumpian political sidekick and lickspittle and, lately Fox News Contributor, and Mr. Joshua Green, described in the afore-referenced news report as a Bloomberg Businessweek Correspondent, are incurably allergic to the objective truth of the unvarnished and grim reality of events on the ground, as it were.

You see, the decision by President Joseph R. Biden, Jr., to forgive billions of dollars in student leans is absolutely a most civilized and progressive socioeconomic policy initiative that could not in any way be so cynically and disdainfully characterized as a “Student Loan Handout Proposal.” No such pejorative or derogatory characterization could be more despicable and irredeemably blasphemous, in view of the fact that the United States also provides billions of dollars in “real handouts” to rabid Israeli racists and Zionists and Aryan supremacists annually, money and “military assistance” without which the Zionist-controlled Jewish State would have been comatose or been effectively rigged up on life-support for quite a long while now.

Very likely, the tax dollars of professional jokers like Bill Maher are part of the Welfare Packages charitably parceled out regularly to marauding and wantonly depraved sociopolitical parasites like the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu-led Likud Coalition Government, which the gung-ho Zionist likes Messrs. Maher, Green and politically opportunistic associates like Ms. Conway would rather not hear any unflattering but truthful remark made about. The grim fact of the matter, that is, at least in the opinion of Messrs. Maher and Green, as well as Ms. Conway, of course, is that the “pipefitters and plumbers,” janitors and blue-collar workers whose tax dollars also go into supporting many of these Pro-Palestinian Student Protesters, are actually the bona fide parents and, in some cases, the grandparents and the relatives of these very students primarily because of whom they have been working very hard and, literally, around the clock to ensure that these young and morally righteous ones do not end up in dire economic straits like themselves.

Trust me, these lumpen-poor and lowly-paid blue-collar workers do not come from outer space. They are flesh and blood humans like the Palestinian Arabs who are being genocidally slaughtered by the morally “sacrosanct” Netanyahu-commanded and supervised Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). The very unconscionable notion that, somehow, each and every Palestinian Arab resident of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank is either a member of the Hamas government, cabinet appointee or a recruit, is one that does not muster logic and common sense. Now, whether shameless Zionists like Mr. Maher recognize it or not, it still goes without saying that the Netanyahu-instigated Gaza Genocide of/against the Palestinians has almost irreparably devalued the historical significance of the unspeakable act of human depravity that was the Hitler-designed and engineered Nazi Holocaust. I am just fervidly hoping to be proven wrong in the long run. Shalom! Salaam! Memamo Asomdwoe ne Odooo!!!

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By Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., PhD
Professor Emeritus, Department of English
SUNY-Nassau Community College
Garden City, New York
E-mail: [email protected]