Angel Smile Foundation puts smile on faces of women to mark Mother's Day

By Muhammed Faisel Mustapha || Contributor
Social News Angel Smile Foundation puts smile on faces of women to mark Mother's Day

Smiles adorned the faces of women, nurses, and health assistants at the La Polyclinic and the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital as part of the celebrations for this year's Mother's Day.

This heartwarming gesture was made possible by the Angel Smile Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to the welfare of children and women. Under the leadership of Naa Ofamota Otsejen I, also known as Prophetess Beatrice Ayorkor Adjetey in her private life, the foundation presented wax prints to mothers, a tradition aimed at bringing joy to women admitted to hospitals during Mother's Day celebrations each year.

Through the generosity of the development Queen Mother, over 280 pieces of Wax Print (cloths) were gifted to women on admission and health workers on duty at both the La Polyclinic and the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital.

The founder of the Angel Smile Foundation is a visionary woman committed to catalyzing positive change in every woman's life. Through the foundation, she has supported and empowered a generation of influential women poised to make a difference in society.

The mission of the foundation is to provide support to orphans, underage mothers, survivors of abuse, and those in need, helping them rebuild their lives and realize their full potential. This support includes offering regular assistance and guidance, facilitating skill development programs, and creating pathways to future opportunities.

"We do this by providing regular and consistent support to those who need our help by Supporting orphans, abused and underage mothers whilst they learn new skills to create opportunities for their future," she emphasized.

Additionally, the foundation aims to alleviate stress and hunger, enabling individuals to focus on education or vocational training. They also offer counseling and financial support to orphanages, ensuring adequate care and housing for those under their care.

Mr. Ebenezer Adjei Adjetey, the Coordinator of the Angel Smile Foundation, urged parents to be mindful of the words they use when disciplining their children. He emphasized that harsh words and curses can have a profound impact on a child's future, making life more challenging for them. Instead, he encouraged mothers to pray for their children and guide them with love and understanding.

In a touching display of compassion, the foundation covered the medical expenses of a seventeen-year-old girl at the Korle-bu Maternity ward whose family faced financial difficulties.

Staff members at both the La Polyclinic and Korle-bu Teaching Hospital expressed heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the women in their care, acknowledging Naa Ofamota Otsejen I for her unwavering support and generosity on Mother's Day.