Mon, 13 May 2024 Feature Article

When blood cries for money

When blood cries for money

Wars among nations have been around the human race for thousands of years. Blood flows, people die, properties get lost, the future is destroyed, and artifacts get stolen. For the attacker or perpetrators, this came for free except for their own experiences.

The ancient Egyptians took slaves for free to build their pyramids. The Roman Empire used slaves for their Bread and Games spectacles, Europeans used Africa as Colonies, Americans took African slaves to their cotton fields back home and French Emperor Napoleon destroyed most of Europe. Whenever they saw it right artifacts of interest were confiscated along with the history of oppression and destruction.

This came to a sudden end when World War I ended. Germany was found guilty as the only aggressor in and of the war. Germany was sentenced to pay financial compensation. And Germany paid with money or inventory such as trains, factories, and machinery.

World War II ended in the same way and while the Marshall Plan was in full force, a generous loan facility with the condition of sourcing the needed material from the USA to keep their war economy up and running, Germany started to pay for the damages caused. Africans demand financial compensation from Germany (Namibia) and the return of artifacts from museums back to Egypt and Africa.

The USA has not paid compensation e.g. to the families of former slaves, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, or Vietnam. Russia has not been asked to pay for the harm caused during the occupation of the East Block countries during the Soviet era. Will they pay for the destruction of the Ukraine?

The ongoing war in Israel raises many questions about how to end it and the future of the area. Houses are destroyed, lives lost of innocent people, hospitals are down, workplaces are no more, etc. Besides the moral and political aspects of the future, the question must be asked who has to pay for the rebuilding of the Gaza Strip once peace takes again control. Should we Germans be asked to pay Billions of Euros in financial support for something we are not responsible for, or any other nation outside the region? Does Israel or Russia have the money available to pay for preparation?

The scenario that Germany will be the only country during the last century until now that was forced to pay preparation and did so is very likely. But is it fair or justified? The International community must come to an agreement on this vital issue as it has agreed on the Geneva Convention to set the rules of war and war crimes. Wars in the future will be around history always.