The Mess in Ukraine

Feature Article The Mess in Ukraine

Unfortunately, all the mess in Ukraine could have been avoided had the West not been too consumed by its hubristic narcissism.

The Russians warned that NATO expansion would trigger a war in Europe. They further warned that they would never tolerate Ukraine in NATO.

Many Westerners, including now CIA director Burns, who was a US Ambassador in Moscow wrote that the Russians were deadly serious.

But, obviously buoyed by a sense of insane triumphalism after their conquest of Libya, the West chose to ignore the warnings. They spurned the entreaties made by the Russians to have a dialogue on the building of a new Security Architecture in Europe. While the Americans jettisoned the ABM and other treaties, the Collective West haughtily dismissed Putin’s proposals for meaningful dialogue in December 2021, just like they did his warnings at the Munich conference a few years prior.

For the foreseeable future, students of political science and international studies would be preoccupied with trying to figure out how the West so spectacularly got it so stupendously wrong to hasten the demise of their well-constructed world order which has served them so well.

The most curious thing in this foolish misadventure of the Ukraine Project was that it could easily have been avoided were some basic questions to have been posed and answered:

  1. What is the definition of the goal of the strategic defeat of Russia?
  2. How do you defeat the largest country in the world, a country with a history of defeating formidable foreign aggressors, and one with the world’s largest nuclear arsenal?
  3. Where is the manpower and the industrial capacity of the West to wage a sustained war against a competent foe?
  4. What intelligence led to the dismissal of Putin’s warnings about possessing hypersonic and other weapons as CGIs?

On paper, and pitted against Libya, Iraq, Somalia, and Afghanistan, NATO appears to be a formidable force, but Western military formations and doctrines were designed for purely Expeditionary operations. The war in Ukraine has revealed NATO as an overblown military alliance wielding overpriced military junks designed to impress only third-world armies.

With the current high sophistication of C4ISR the West simply cannot assemble the forces that would be needed to fight against a land power like Russia with its standoff weapons. Russian Zircon missiles will simply sink US ships deployed to reinforce American forces in the European theater. Kinzhal and Iskander missiles will lay to waste Europe’s airports, ports, and other logistics hubs to disrupt any meaningful military operations.

NATO military planners must surely know these things, the question then is why Western politicians choose to keep behaving like untethered Chihuahuas, constantly raising citizens' anxiety levels.

It is impossible for any rational being to understand what they put in the water in the UK to make the rulers of that Island of iniquities believe that they are still a strong global actor.

It is equally funny to see the bank teller who now occupies the Elysee palace preening while pretending to be a Master Military Strategist.

It is quite insane that the two leading colonial powers in Europe refused to read the memo that their time was up! Will the world watch and allow the two arrogant third-rate powers to destroy the world as they seek to make themselves look relevant?

The question that the rest of the world should ask Westerners is: What is it that makes it impossible for the West to Live and Let Live?

What manner of colonial arrogance makes people of the European Stock continue to believe that they are a special breed of humanity who should live above the rest of us? What makes it impossible for the West to conduct commercial intercourse with other people on equal, friendly, and mutually beneficial terms?

It should not be too difficult for people who believe in their innate superiority to play on a level playing field without seeking undue advantages.

PS: Those who continue to believe the lies that the Ukraine Project was about democracy or suchlike should watch the Nuland-Pyatt leaked phone conversation:

And if you are still in denial that the Ukrainian Project is nothing but a NATO proxy war against Russia, check this report from the Kiel Institute for World Economy:

Per the report, 60% of the Czech Republic's heavy weapons and 53% of Norway's armament reserves were sent to assist the Kiev regime in its fight against Russia. England and Germany sent 25% of their weapons. Denmark offered almost 40%, and the Netherlands supplied 38%, while France provided 22%. Estonia, Poland, and Slovenia sent between 27% and 12% of their heavy weapons.

These are figures only for the supply of heavy weapons from February 24, 2022, to February 2024. The report does not include the figures on the delivery of military gear, shells, combat vehicles, tanks, and the other stuff that has kept the war going on for so long.

Which team do you think has the higher chance of winning the 2024 elections?

Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024