Government Delivers On Apiate Reconstruction Project

Feature Article Government Delivers On Apiate Reconstruction Project

The worth of a nation is measured by the value and care it places on the vulnerable. This, in turn, makes the vulnerable appreciate the essence of citizenship and reason to, figuratively, die for one's nation.

Our nation woke up to a disaster, the scope and scale had never happened to us before, when the quiet Western region town of Apiate bore the brunt.

When the incident happened with hopes of people lost, investments vaporized, lives lost and many suffered life-changing injuries, the good people of Ghana exhibited the legendary Ghanaian humanity by way of contributions.

Food, clothes, beddings, building materials and cash donations were made by ordinary Ghanaians to amenioriate the suffering of the victims.

And as government with the altimate responsibility to lead the recovery and reconstruction efforts, absolutely no stone was left unturned, and every necessary steps were taken to restore hope to the victims.

The governmental charge was led by the Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and ably supported by the workaholic and dynamic minister for lands& natural resources and MP for Damango, Hon. Samuel A. Jinapor.

A promise was made to reconstruct the devastated Apiate community but to many, the said promise appeared a distant dream.

However, with focus, determination, zeal and sense of urgency, the reconstruction efforts were set in motion, with contracts being awarded, largely, to local people within the Apiate catchment area.

Local materials by way of baked bricks which is both economical and environmentally friendly, were used in constructing the houses. That, in itself, boosted the local economy by way of job creation for artisans.

Today, phase 1 of the completed project has been commissioned and handed over to the beneficiaries. And frankly speaking, the once Apiate community, which was a very rural, now looks very modern suburban settlement. I watched the pictures of the ceremony on television, and at a point, I was overwhelmed with excitement for the people of Apiate.

The community has been completely transformed into a well- planned settlement with tarred streets, community water& sanitation system, electricity, public school and a clinic.

The project is a masterpiece model of a peri-urban settlement, and I know the good people of Apiate will appreciate the fact that, though they they were bruised, through dedicated governmental efforts, they will heal and have their lives fully restored.

Phase 2 of the project, which focuses on affected peripheral of Apiate, has also began in earnest, and with the Vice President taking charge, with able support of workaholic minister for lands& natural resources Hon Samuel Abu Jinapor, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that it will be executed and delivered within the stipulated time.

Justice A. Newton-Offei
[email protected]

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