Pharmacy Council warns public against sale of unlicensed medicines

  Mon, 22 Apr 2024
Health Pharmacy Council warns public against sale of unlicensed medicines

Pharmacy Council of Ghana has issued a stern warning to individuals involved in the sale or distribution of illegal substances, urging them to cease such activities immediately.

This caution follows a joint operation conducted by the Council, the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), and the Ghana Police Service, which resulted in the arrest and seizure of illegal substances being displayed by vendors at the Accra Mall.

Speaking to Citi News, the Acting Registrar of the Pharmacy Council, Dr Daniel Amaning Danquah, highlighted the detrimental effects of such substances on public health and confirmed that the Criminal Investigation Department is currently handling the matter.

“They are possessing and marketing medicine and it is illegal if you are not authorised to possess and market medicines.

“They are not supposed to do so, but at that function, almost all the people who were designated and were offering medicines for sale were not licensed and neither their companies were licensed so that was a breach of the law.

“In addition to that, all the products they were offering, were not registered. Intended use of these medicines was also very detrimental to the health of the user and the nation as a whole.”