You’re clueless about industrial relations, challenges workers face – TUC blasts Prof Adei

  Sun, 21 Apr 2024
Headlines Youre clueless about industrial relations, challenges workers face – TUC blasts Prof Adei

Trades Union Congress (TUC) has stated that Economist Professor Stephen Adei lacks an understanding of the country’s industrial relations and the challenges faced by workers.

This statement follows Prof Adei’s claim that Ghanaian workers are among the least productive globally and that Togolese workers outperform Ghanaians in terms of productivity.

In a statement released on Friday, April 19, the TUC noted that this was not the first time Prof Adei had targeted Ghanaian workers and undermined their efforts.

The TUC, along with Organised Labour, stated, that they “will no longer sit down for you [Prof Adei] to continue the unwarranted attacks on Ghanaian workers and their trade unions.”

“We are convinced that you are clueless about industrial relations and the challenges Ghanaian workers are grappling with. We will respond to any such attacks from you, henceforth.”

The TUC pointed out that Prof Adei had in the past reportedly called for the dismissal of all public basic schoolteachers, alleging without any evidence, that the “teachers are not teaching.”

“Two years ago, you reportedly urged government to sack public sector workers who were only exercising their legal right to strike. You have now established yourself, firmly, as anti-Ghanaian worker.”

The TUC also mentioned that in 2019, the Professor claimed that 50% of public service workers are overpaid and that these workers do not deserve their salaries.

“In that interview, you falsely claimed, among other things, that the attitude of the Ghanaian worker remains one of the worst across the world. Again, in 2019, you advocated the removal of students and labour representatives from the governing councils of public universities. And in December 2013, you rubbished the demand by doctors, pharmacists, lecturers, and senior staff of public universities and polytechnics for market premium, stating that they “must thank God [that they have] job[s] and not market premium.”

The TUC expressed disappointment over the long list of Prof Adei’s negative comments about Ghanaian workers and their unions.

“You are on a mission to discredit Ghanaian workers at the least opportunity. You have been deliberate and consistent in attacking workers and courting public disaffection for them. The working people of Ghana will not tolerate your attacks any longer.”